Skybot Scheduler

March 2017

Note: Skybot Scheduler has been renamed to Automate Schedule and is now part of the Automate suite of products. The notes for this release and all future releases will be located under Automate Schedule.


November 2016

Skybot Scheduler

Version 3.9.6
  • AutoMate BPA Server 10.4 & 10.5 - Resolved an issue that generated an error when running BPA commands.
  • Enterprise Server:
    • Resolved a problem with jobs remaining on the queue after a Create Process Failure occurred and the agent/server required a restart.
    • Fixed an issue that failed to download job logs for jobs that were still running.
    • Fixed an issue that stopped a job from running when its priority changed.
    • Fixed a problem that would cause a Session Renegotiation succeeded vulnerability warning message to be thrown.
  • Installation - Fixed an issue that erroneously generated an IsProductCodeInstalled error message during installation.
  • Oracle Concurrent Request - Resolved an issue that failed jobs on command error regardless of Fail Action setting.
  • Remote Event History - The Remote Server Time from the Robot Schedule server is no longer missing the time zone.
  • Jobs/Member Jobs - Jobs or member jobs that contained nested objects which were deleted can now be saved.
  • Job Flow Diagram - “Jobs and Events” and “Remote Server” columns are now included in the “Remote Event” tab.


March 2016

Skybot Scheduler

Version 3.9.5

IBM i Improvements - Resolved an issue regarding Java version identification for Skybot’s IBM i agent installer. As a result, Java support for IBM i agents is now expanded to Java version 8.