TeamQuest Manager

May 2024

Version 11.4.15

May 21, 2024

  • Upgrade Apache HTTP to version 2.4.59

March 2024

Version 11.4.14

March 31, 2024

  • Updated OpenSSL to version 3.2.1
  • Updated library dependencies for Red Hat 8 and 9 and CentOS 8

October 2023

Version 11.4.13

October 31, 2023

New Features
  • Manager is supported on Windows 11

  • Upgraded to OpenSSL 3.1.3

  • Upgraded Apache HTTP to version 2.4.58

  • Decreased self-signed certificate validity

June 2023

Version 11.4.12

June 15, 2023

  • Manager is now supported on version 22.04 Ubuntu Server LTS Linux on x64 systems. The following steps were used to install the 32 bit libraries necessary in running Manager on Ubuntu 22.04:

    1. nano /etc/apt/sources.list

    2. add to the end of the file and save:

    3. sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

    4. sudo apt-get update

    5. sudo apt-get install libstdc++6:i386

    6. sudo apt-get install libuuid1:i386

  • Upgraded Manager to Apache HTTP version 2.4.56

March 2023

Version 11.4.11

March 7, 2023

  • Upgrade Manager to Apache HTTP version 2.4.55

  • Upgrade Manager to Postgres 13.9

September 2022

Version 11.4.10

September 27, 2022

  • Resolved security vulnerabilities by upgrading SQLite to 3.39.2.

  • Updated to Apache HTTPD 2.4.54 and PCRE to PCRE2-10.40.

  • Update VMWare agent to Log4j2 v2.17.2 and OpenJDK Java v1.8.0_322.

November 2021

Version 11.4.9

November 16, 2021

New Features
  • Added NFS file space metrics.

  • Added support for Microsoft Windows Server 2022.

  • Added support for AIX 7.3.

  • Updated Apache HTTPD to version 2.4.51 to resolve security vulnerabilities.

  • Added a configuration setting for turning NFS file space metrics collection on/off.

August 2021

Version 11.4.8

August 17, 2021

  • Updated Manager to Apache https version 2.4.48 to resolve security vulnerabilities.

  • Updated tqagg to no longer get Database table corruption detected errors when tqagg is not shutdown properly.

  • Updated CMIS Alarm to work on sysharvestlog/System.Harvest Log.

April 2021

Version 11.4.7

April 20, 2021

  • Added support for the DB2 Agent (tqdb2).

  • Added support for Ubuntu 20.04.

  • Enabled stronger cipher suites.

January 2021

Version 11.4.6

January 21, 2021

  • Upgraded Apache to 2.4.46.

Version 11.4.5

January 12, 2021

  • Added support for VMware vSphere 7.0.

  • Added support for the Web Server Agent (tqwsp) on Linux and Microsoft Windows systems.

June 2020

Version 11.4.4

June 4, 2020

  • The tqhinv partition type no longer changes between KVM_Guest and EC2_Instance on a KVM_Guest. It is always KVM_Guest partition type now.

October 2019

Version 11.4.3
  • Added support for the Oracle Agents.
  • Updated SQLite to level 3.29.0.
  • Removed support for SuSE Linux Enterprise version 11.
  • Removed the sqlplus client from the TeamQuest Manager bin directory.
  • (CAS-0010154806) Added support for Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVME) controllers.
  • (CAS-0010159917) Updated the Resource field for Microsoft Windows counters with a single resource so the resource field in the corresponding table is populated.
  • (CAS-0010161647) Updated Oracle Instant Client files to version 19.

September 2019

Version 11.4.2

There are no updates for this release.

July 2019

Version 11.4.1
  • Updated Apache to obtain the following security updates:

    • httpd-2.4.39

    • apr-1.7.0

    • libxml2-2.9.9

    • openssl-1.0.2r

    • expat-2.2.6

  • (CAS-0010136238) Updated TeamQuest Manager to show CPU Summary %busy and the correct listing in the Processor table for systems with more than 1 Processor Group.
  • (CAS-0010148014) Added Oracle database architecture to TeamQuest Manager.

March 2019

Version 11.4.0
  • Removed the following data collection agents:


Network Application

Network Device


Sybase ASE

Web Server

  • Updated to the following libraries for security purposes:




  • Removed the TQGETM program.
  • (CAS-0010129901) Updated Microsoft Windows OTHER workload to not falsely spike to 100% CPU usage.
  • (CAS-0010129190) Updated the Linux Block Device avgresp* statistic description in the Linux Systems section of the TeamQuest Performance Software Statistics Reference Manual.
  • (CAS-0010112035) Updated the Network Agent (tqbnp) to no longer exit with an interface change or an interface that is not completely configured.
  • (CAS-0010137578) Enabled ECDHE cipher suites to allow forward secrecy with modern web browsers and to use DHE cipher as a fallback to support a wider range of clients.

September 2018

Version 11.3.21
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010070689) Updated the VMware Infrastructure Agent to add a daily record to the VMware.Storage Configuration table so that Vityl Monitor can chart the Storage Datastore by Host System table.
  • (CAS-0010071604) Fixed tqalm from failing with a Signal 11 error.
  • (CAS-0010108491) Updated the Disk Space Agent on Oracle Solaris systems to no longer exit when /etc/mnttab is unreachable. The agent will collect data on existing disks instead.

August 2018

Version 11.3.20
  • Updated Apache support to version 2.4.34.

Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010097939) Removed the ability to discover other user's information from non-administrator accounts.
  • (CAS-0010097941) Updated Manager Session Timeout to be configurable.
  • (CAS-0010097943) Added user password authentication to password changes.

July 2018

Version 11.3.19
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010098835) Fixed systemctl access denied errors due to SELinux being enabled.

  • (CAS-0010094107) Removed "Max number of pipes in use." message from Windows System Activity Agent when using HOURLY for the "Check For Missing Statistics" setting.

  • (CAS-0010084946) Added capability for the Process Workload Agent on Linux systems to collect the last 2048 bytes of the process command line when the process command line is greater than 4096.

  • (CAS-0010085624) Updated the Libvirt Agent to use the Open Stack name instead of the Instance name when collecting against an Open Stack implementation.

April 2018

Version 11.3.18
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010090558) Updated TeamQuest Manager to enable SSL on all installations and upgrades.

  • (CAS-0010090628) Updated TeamQuest Manager to include Microsoft Universal C Runtime (CRT) DLLs.
  • (CAS-0010083266) Updated the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) used on Microsoft Windows systems to no longer generate management information base (MIB) messages when using traps for alarm messages.
  • (CAS-0010090374) Updated TeamQuest Manager to allow the upgrade process to continue even if the tqmgr service is not started.

February 2018

Version 11.3.17
New Features
  • Enhanced the password storage encryption algorithm in TeamQuest Manager to be more secure.
Other Updates
  • Added support for the Hyper-V Agent on non-English Microsoft Windows systems.

  • Added Visual Studio C-Runtime DLLs to TeamQuest Manager package. This change removes the need to install a Visual C Redistributable to run TeamQuest Manager.

January 2018

Version 11.3.16
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010072744) Updated product documentation to note that the LibNcurses library is an optional requirement for TeamQuest Manager unless you are using tView.

  • (CAS-0010069008 ) Added slabmem and sreclaimable statistics to the Memory table for Red Hat Enterprise Linux level 7 systems.

October 2017

Version 11.3.14
  • Updated TeamQuest Manager to use systemd rather than init.d at startup.

  • Added support for firewalld to handle the default Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 firewall.

  • Added support for Apache HTTP Server level 2.4.27.

  • Added support for OpenSSL 1.0.2l.
Other Updates
  • (CAS-101946-B7R6N7) Improved the IBM AIX avserv statistic in the Block Device table to use the avgserv value when a value spikes because there is low disk utilization.

  • (CAS-93508-P4P2S4) Improved the performance and reliability of alarm processing for alarms defined with multiple conditions.

  • (CAS-0010055031) Improved security by limiting handling of HTTP requests to HTTP/1.1 only.

  • (CAS-0010057940) Increased the length of the recorded string in an alarm entry for the value returned for $(alias) in an alarm definition.

  • (CAS-0010060501) Updated Web Server to mandate HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for connections.

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