TeamQuest Manager

September 2022

Version 11.4.10

September 27, 2022

  • Resolved security vulnerabilities by upgrading SQLite to 3.39.2.

  • Updated to Apache HTTPD 2.4.54 and PCRE to PCRE2-10.40.

  • Update VMWare agent to Log4j2 v2.17.2 and OpenJDK Java v1.8.0_322.

November 2021

Version 11.4.9

November 16, 2021

New Features
  • Added NFS file space metrics.

  • Added support for Microsoft Windows Server 2022.

  • Added support for AIX 7.3.

  • Updated Apache HTTPD to version 2.4.51 to resolve security vulnerabilities.

  • Added a configuration setting for turning NFS file space metrics collection on/off.

August 2021

Version 11.4.8

August 17, 2021

  • Updated Manager to Apache https version 2.4.48 to resolve security vulnerabilities.

  • Updated tqagg to no longer get Database table corruption detected errors when tqagg is not shutdown properly.

  • Updated CMIS Alarm to work on sysharvestlog/System.Harvest Log.

April 2021

Version 11.4.7

April 20, 2021

  • Added support for the DB2 Agent (tqdb2).

  • Added support for Ubuntu 20.04.

  • Enabled stronger cipher suites.

January 2021

Version 11.4.6

January 21, 2021

  • Upgraded Apache to 2.4.46.

Version 11.4.5

January 12, 2021

  • Added support for VMware vSphere 7.0.

  • Added support for the Web Server Agent (tqwsp) on Linux and Microsoft Windows systems.

June 2020

Version 11.4.4

June 4, 2020

  • The tqhinv partition type no longer changes between KVM_Guest and EC2_Instance on a KVM_Guest. It is always KVM_Guest partition type now.

October 2019

Version 11.4.3
  • Added support for the Oracle Agents.
  • Updated SQLite to level 3.29.0.
  • Removed support for SuSE Linux Enterprise version 11.
  • Removed the sqlplus client from the TeamQuest Manager bin directory.
  • (CAS-0010154806) Added support for Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVME) controllers.
  • (CAS-0010159917) Updated the Resource field for Microsoft Windows counters with a single resource so the resource field in the corresponding table is populated.
  • (CAS-0010161647) Updated Oracle Instant Client files to version 19.

September 2019

Version 11.4.2

There are no updates for this release.

July 2019

Version 11.4.1
  • Updated Apache to obtain the following security updates:

    • httpd-2.4.39

    • apr-1.7.0

    • libxml2-2.9.9

    • openssl-1.0.2r

    • expat-2.2.6

  • (CAS-0010136238) Updated TeamQuest Manager to show CPU Summary %busy and the correct listing in the Processor table for systems with more than 1 Processor Group.
  • (CAS-0010148014) Added Oracle database architecture to TeamQuest Manager.

March 2019

Version 11.4.0
  • Removed the following data collection agents:


Network Application

Network Device


Sybase ASE

Web Server

  • Updated to the following libraries for security purposes:




  • Removed the TQGETM program.
  • (CAS-0010129901) Updated Microsoft Windows OTHER workload to not falsely spike to 100% CPU usage.
  • (CAS-0010129190) Updated the Linux Block Device avgresp* statistic description in the Linux Systems section of the TeamQuest Performance Software Statistics Reference Manual.
  • (CAS-0010112035) Updated the Network Agent (tqbnp) to no longer exit with an interface change or an interface that is not completely configured.
  • (CAS-0010137578) Enabled ECDHE cipher suites to allow forward secrecy with modern web browsers and to use DHE cipher as a fallback to support a wider range of clients.

September 2018

Version 11.3.21
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010070689) Updated the VMware Infrastructure Agent to add a daily record to the VMware.Storage Configuration table so that Vityl Monitor can chart the Storage Datastore by Host System table.
  • (CAS-0010071604) Fixed tqalm from failing with a Signal 11 error.
  • (CAS-0010108491) Updated the Disk Space Agent on Oracle Solaris systems to no longer exit when /etc/mnttab is unreachable. The agent will collect data on existing disks instead.

August 2018

Version 11.3.20
  • Updated Apache support to version 2.4.34.

Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010097939) Removed the ability to discover other user's information from non-administrator accounts.
  • (CAS-0010097941) Updated Manager Session Timeout to be configurable.
  • (CAS-0010097943) Added user password authentication to password changes.

July 2018

Version 11.3.19
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010098835) Fixed systemctl access denied errors due to SELinux being enabled.

  • (CAS-0010094107) Removed "Max number of pipes in use." message from Windows System Activity Agent when using HOURLY for the "Check For Missing Statistics" setting.

  • (CAS-0010084946) Added capability for the Process Workload Agent on Linux systems to collect the last 2048 bytes of the process command line when the process command line is greater than 4096.

  • (CAS-0010085624) Updated the Libvirt Agent to use the Open Stack name instead of the Instance name when collecting against an Open Stack implementation.

April 2018

Version 11.3.18
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010090558) Updated TeamQuest Manager to enable SSL on all installations and upgrades.

  • (CAS-0010090628) Updated TeamQuest Manager to include Microsoft Universal C Runtime (CRT) DLLs.
  • (CAS-0010083266) Updated the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) used on Microsoft Windows systems to no longer generate management information base (MIB) messages when using traps for alarm messages.
  • (CAS-0010090374) Updated TeamQuest Manager to allow the upgrade process to continue even if the tqmgr service is not started.

February 2018

Version 11.3.17
New Features
  • Enhanced the password storage encryption algorithm in TeamQuest Manager to be more secure.
Other Updates
  • Added support for the Hyper-V Agent on non-English Microsoft Windows systems.

  • Added Visual Studio C-Runtime DLLs to TeamQuest Manager package. This change removes the need to install a Visual C Redistributable to run TeamQuest Manager.

January 2018

Version 11.3.16
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010072744) Updated product documentation to note that the LibNcurses library is an optional requirement for TeamQuest Manager unless you are using tView.

  • (CAS-0010069008 ) Added slabmem and sreclaimable statistics to the Memory table for Red Hat Enterprise Linux level 7 systems.

October 2017

Version 11.3.14
  • Updated TeamQuest Manager to use systemd rather than init.d at startup.

  • Added support for firewalld to handle the default Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 firewall.

  • Added support for Apache HTTP Server level 2.4.27.

  • Added support for OpenSSL 1.0.2l.
Other Updates
  • (CAS-101946-B7R6N7) Improved the IBM AIX avserv statistic in the Block Device table to use the avgserv value when a value spikes because there is low disk utilization.

  • (CAS-93508-P4P2S4) Improved the performance and reliability of alarm processing for alarms defined with multiple conditions.

  • (CAS-0010055031) Improved security by limiting handling of HTTP requests to HTTP/1.1 only.

  • (CAS-0010057940) Increased the length of the recorded string in an alarm entry for the value returned for $(alias) in an alarm definition.

  • (CAS-0010060501) Updated Web Server to mandate HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for connections.

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