Performance Surveyor


In versions 11.3.17 and later, Performance Surveyor is called Automated Analytics.

September 2018

Version 11.3.16
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010087383) Updated the delimiter for multiple Oracle RAC hosts to a space.
  • (CAS-0010099514) Added encryption to SQL Server JTDS datasources.

July 2018

Version 11.3.15
  • Enhanced the user interface.

Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010098675) Added UNBOUNDED setting for specifying a y-scale range to auto-scale the maximum and minimum range settings based on the values in a chart-interactive chart.
  • (CAS-0010099841) Added the ability to handle using roles on LDAP Groups when using non-Active Directory (OpenLDAP) connections.
  • (CAS-0010094238) Added all content in the source editor to ckeditor.
  • (CAS-0010081752) Added the ability to display descriptive LDAP related login errors.
  • (CAS-0010084491) Removed logging that was preventing emails from being sent.
  • (CAS-0010089928) Updated the alt_name alias properties in a row processor and the last_date and config_date properties to reflect the latest values.
  • (CAS-0010088014) Interactive charts now display items with backslash in their names by escaping the backslash characters.

April 2018

Version 11.3.14
New Features
  • Added the capability to override all report and table styling, including the default style.css style sheet.

  • Added the ability for an administrator to specify a default home directory for Report Navigator for each role.

  • Added the ability to bookmark the Report Navigator URL.

  • Updated the WebAPI modules to allow hierarchical display of discovered object types.

Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010082037, 0010082497) Updated the query to allow a row processor to be added without causing the query to be overwritten.

  • (CAS-0010077646) Increased the character limit to 512 for the Username field for LDAP configuration.

  • (CAS-0010071442) Upgraded the ZK libraries to resolve an error when zooming in/out using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

January, 2018

Version 11.3.13
New Features
  • Added support for API versioning in WebAPI modules.
  • Added support for using SSL with WebAPI modules.
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010061038) Updated interactive area charts to add gaps so that all data can be seen.

  • (CAS-0010061178) Updated email exceptions so undelivered emails are recorded as failed.
  • (CAS-0010066416) Added support of Linux statistics for IBM AIX LPARs.

  • (CAS-0010068644) Updated chart-interactive where a setting of True changes the border to black, a setting of False removes the border, and the gauge-background matches the background color.

October, 2017

Version 11.3.12
New Features
  • Added the ability to create modules to access data from Web APIs.
  • Changed chart-interactive to sort stacked and area charts to have series with the largest values on the bottom.

Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010046786) Added the ability to remove the vm_catalog object-type from the TeamQuest Module when errors occur.

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