Mail for iOS

January 2024

Version 2023.0

January 31, 2024

New Features
  • As HelpSystems is now Fortra, the Mail for iOS UI and Documentation have been rebranded.

    NOTE: The name of the application is still Titus Mail.
  • Added passcode authentication option in the settings.

  • Confirmed Mail for iOS support for the following:

    • iOS 17 and iOS 16 for iPhones

    • iPadOS 17 and iPadOS 16 for iPads

  • Enhanced the user experience when selecting and viewing classification labels in the mailbox and calendar. Updates include:

    • Ensuring a consistent Classification Selector UI regardless if you are classifying a new calendar event or composing a message.

    • Adding breadcrumb links to make it easier for users to jump between different classification levels.

    • Displaying “None” as the classification label if no Field Value has been selected.

  • Removed S/MIME options from the settings.

  • Fixed issue where Titus Mail was unresponsive if you left the application open for an extended period.

July 2022

Version 2022.0.1

July 8, 2022

  • Resolved issue where users were forced to resend messages through the Outbox folder. This bug impacted users with on-premises Exchange servers.

June 2022

Version 2022.0

June 7, 2022

New Features
  • Ability to enable Biometric Authentication in Titus Mail Settings if your device supports Face ID or Touch ID.

  • Added support for iOS 15 for iPhones and iPadOS15 for iPads.

  • Updated UI for viewing attachments.

March 2021

Version 2021.0

March 2021

  • Improvements in Security that enables Apple Transport Security (ATS).

  • Minor UI improvements

  • Minor changes in Mail Settings

September 2020

Version 3.6

September 2020

New Features
  • Titus for Mail for iOS now supports multi-factor authentication.
  • Titus for Mail for iOS uses sync via background fetch to support real-time push notification.

  • Reverted SecTrustEvaluate (the Apple security library) to be more compatible with different environments.

  • Fixed an issue where we could not copy out the event logs from our app to another app.

  • Fixed a crash on the iPad, iOS 14 only. It crashed when selecting an email in portrait mode..

  • Fixed an infinite webview reloading loop that was happening on iPad in portrait mode when no email was selected.

  • Set the date picker style back to the “wheels” (like in iOS 13) when creating calendar events. The new style did not work well with the rest of our UI, making it confusing for the user.

  • Fixed a bug in iOS 14 where the event logs were not visible.

  • Fixed a crash on iPad when trying to delete a calendar event.

September 2019

Version 3.5
  • Compatible with iOS 13

  • Compatible with iPad OS 13

  • Removed OAB

  • Freezing in Inbox after opening RMS mail.

  • Replied/forwarded original mail body was duplicated.

  • iOS Application Stopped Working after upgrade.

  • Titus Mail app stopped working after the last update from the Apple store.

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