Titus Office Add-in (on-premise)

  • For Titus Office Add-in cloud release (version 2020.05 or later), see release notes in the Titus Office Add-in page.

June 2020

Version 2020.0 SP1

June 2020

  • The product provides the visual indication on classification pane when the classification is applied successfully. The new UI design adds a green check mark to the classification pane when classification is applied.

  • In the earlier versions of the product, when the communication between Titus Classification for Office Add-in and Titus Services fails, the end-users are blocked from sending emails. The introduced fail open behavior will display a message to the user when the following errors occur and allows the user to send emails (fail open) or return to the draft.

    • Auth tokens are either lost or corrupted on Identity Server

    • Identity Server stops working

    • Configuration is not valid or not assigned to the user

    And the fail close behavior restricts the user from sending an email when Titus Service is not reachable or down.

November 2019

Version 2020.0

November 2019

  • Several updates were made to this release including re-factoring code as well as providing support for the updated Outlook Online user interface. With these updates, the Titus Office Add-in will work properly when deployed in an environment using the new Outlook Online user interface.

  • When the Office Add-in is enabled, users were unable to send emails in the Outlook desktop client. This issues has been fixed and users who are using the Office Add-in in Outlook Online can now send emails in Outlook Desktop.

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