Foreign Listeners

Cobalt Strike supports the concept of foreign listeners. These are aliases for x86 payload handlers hosted in the Metasploit Framework or other instances of Cobalt Strike. To pass a Windows HTTPS Meterpreter session to a friend with msfconsole, setup a Foreign HTTPS payload and point the Host and Port values to their handler. You may use foreign listeners anywhere you would use an x86 Cobalt Strike listener.

Foreign Listeners Setup

To create a Foreign Beacon listener select Cobalt Strike -> Listeners on the main menu and press the Add button at the bottom of the Listeners tab display.

The New Listener panel displays.

Select Foreign HTTP or Foreign HTTPS as the Payload type and give the listener a Name. Make sure to give the new listener a memorable name as this name is how you will refer to this listener through Cobalt Strike’s commands and workflows.


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