Code Signing Certificate

Payloads -> Windows Stager Payload and Windows Stageless Payload give you the option to sign an executable or DLL file. To use this option, you must specify a Java Keystore file with your code signing certificate and private key. Cobalt Strike expects to find the Java Keystore file in the same folder as your Malleable C2 profile.

code-signer {
set keystore "keystore.jks"; set password "password";
set alias    "server";

The code signing certificate settings are:

Option Example Description
alias server The keystore’s alias for this certificate
digest_algorithm SHA256 The digest algorithm
keystore keystore.jks Java Keystore file with certificate information
password mypassword The password to your Java Keystore
timestamp false Timestamp the file using a third-party service
timestamp_url URL of the timestamp service


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