DNS Beacons

You have the option to shape the DNS Beacon/Listener network traffic with Malleable C2.

dns-beacon “optional-variant-name” {
# Options moved into 'dns-beacon' group in 4.3: set dns_idle     "";
set dns_max_txt     "199";
set dns_sleep     "1";
set dns_ttl     "5";
set maxdns     "200";
set dns_stager_prepend    "doc-stg-prepend";
set dns_stager_subhost    "doc-stg-sh.";

# DNS subhost override options added in 4.3: set beacon     "doc.bc.";
set get_A     "doc.1a.";
set get_AAAA     "doc.4a.";
set get_TXT     "doc.tx.";
set put_metadata     "doc.md.";
set put_output     "doc.po.";
set ns_response     "zero";

The settings are:

Option Default Value Changes
dns_idle IP address used to indicate no tasks are available to DNS Beacon; Mask for other DNS C2 values
dns_max_txt 252 Maximum length of DNS TXT responses for tasks
dns_sleep 0 Force a sleep prior to each individual DNS request. (in milliseconds)
dns_stager_prepend   Prepend text to payload stage delivered to DNS TXT record stager
dns_stager_subhost .stage.123456. Subdomain used by DNS TXT record stager.
dns_ttl 1 TTL for DNS replies
maxdns 255 Maximum length of hostname when uploading data over DNS (0-255)
beacon   DNS subhost prefix used for beaconing requests. (lowercase text)
get_A cdn. DNS subhost prefix used for A record requests (lowercase text)
get_AAAA www6. DNS subhost prefix used for AAAA record requests (lowercase text)
get_TXT api. DNS subhost prefix used for TXT record requests (lowercase text)
put_metadata www. DNS subhost prefix used for metadata requests (lowercase text)
put_output post. DNS subhost prefix used for output requests (lowercase text)
ns_response drop How to process NS Record requests. "drop" does not respond to the request (default), "idle" responds with A record for IP address from "dns_idle", "zero" responds with A record for

You can use "ns_response" when a DNS server is responding to a target with "Server failure" errors. A public DNS Resolver may be initiating NS record requests that the DNS Server in Cobalt Strike Team Server is dropping by default.

{target}      {DNS Resolver} Standard query 0x5e06 A doc.bc.11111111.a.example.com

{DNS Resolver} {target}       Standard query response 0x5e06 Server failure A doc.bc.11111111.a.example.com


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