Malleable Command and Control


Beacon's HTTP indicators are controlled by a Malleable Command and Control (Malleable C2) profile. A Malleable C2 profile is a simple program that specifies how to transform data and store it in a transaction. The same profile that transforms and stores data, interpreted backwards, also extracts and recovers data from a transaction.

To use a custom profile, you must start a Cobalt Strike team server and specify your profile at that time.

./teamserver [external IP] [password] [/path/to/my.profile]

You may only load one profile per Cobalt Strike instance.

Viewing the Loaded Profile

To view the C2 profile that was loaded when the TeamServer was started select Help \ Malleable C2 Profile on the menu. This displays the profile for the currently selected TeamServer when multiple TeamServers are connected. The dialog is read-only.

To close the dialog use the 'x' in the upper right corner of the dialog.


This section covers the Malleable C2 features related to flexible network communications. See Malleable PE, Process Injection, and Post Exploitation for information on Malleable C2's stage, process-inject, and post-ex blocks.


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