Reverse Port Forward

The following commands are available:


Type help in the Beacon console to see available commands. Type help followed by a command name to see detailed help.

rportfwd - Use this command to setup a reverse pivot through Beacon. The rportfwd command will bind a port on the compromised target. Any connections to this port will cause your Cobalt Strike server to initiate a connection to another host and port and relay traffic between these two connections. Cobalt Strike tunnels this traffic through Beacon.

The syntax for rportfwd is: rportfwd [bind port] [forward host] [forward port].

rportfwd_local - Use this command to setup a reverse pivot through Beacon with one variation. This feature initiates a connection to the forward host/port from your Cobalt Strike client. The forwarded traffic is communicated through the connection your Cobalt Strike client has to its team server.

rportfwd stop [bind port] - Use to disable the reverse port forward.


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