Active View: Vulnerabilities

Fortra Vulnerability Management™ Active View gives you a comprehensive, aggregate health assessment of your environment. It helps you identify your vulnerabilities and optimize remediation resources.

The Active View System Health Vulnerabilities page is the central location for managing vulnerabilities that Fortra VM discovers in your environment.

Frontline VM Active View System Health Vulnerabilities page

Fortra VM Active View System Health

Vulnerabilities Page Components

Ref. Description
1 Actions you can take with selected vulnerabilities:
  • Add comment
  • Add label
  • More options: Includes options to Hide vulnerabilities, identify vulnerabilities as an Acceptable risk, and provide a Fix status (does not appear if you are viewing vulnerabilities by group).
2 Options for searching your vulnerabilities.
 See related: Find Information in Fortra VM
3 Toggles the list by Show all instances or Group by vulnerability.
4 Sorts the list.
5 List of vulnerabilities in your environment. Depending on your selected view, the list includes Severity level; description; status; ports, protocols, and services; and number of instances (indicates if there are recent changes in the number of vulnerabilities).
NOTE: The list by default shows vulnerabilities grouped by type.
6 Abbreviated vulnerability description and suggested solutions (appears when you select a vulnerability name).
  • In the vulnerability description, select Vuln definition to see complete details about the vulnerability and view the assets it affects..
NOTE: If you are viewing individual vulnerability instances, the abbreviated description also gives you specific Instance Data and allows you to add notes and manage labels.