Find Information in Fortra VM

Fortra Vulnerability Management gives you a number of ways to find vulnerability information related to your environment. There are context-sensitive search, filter, and show options that return results based on the page visited.

Fortra VM Search Bar

WAS Search Bar


The search bar returns results based on the page you are currently on. For example, if you search on the Active View > Vulnerabilities page, your results include vulnerability data.

Remember the following when using the search bar:

  • Search is not case sensitive
  • Searches with spaces should use double quotes (e.g., "Windows 10")


Select the funnel icon to filter information the following ways:

Quick filter by label: You can filter by system-generated and user-generated labels.

NOTE: You can only filter with labels while working with assets or vulnerabilities. See related: Work with Labels

New filter: You can create a new filter by selecting the Column drop-down, and choosing the needed criteria. Click the Save icon, and then choose Add.

TIP: Select items in Fortra VM with a right-click to see additional pop up menu items with data specific options, including filters.


Use the kebab icon to show some of the following types of information depending on the page visited:

  • Show hidden

  • Show acceptable risk

  • Show fixed