Install RNA™ Hardware Scanner Appliance

Package Contents

The shipping package includes the following:

  • One (1) RNA
  • One (1) AC power cable
  • One (1) straight through 100BaseT patch cable
  • One (1) Return shipping label
NOTE: If any of the contents are missing or damaged, please call Technical Support.


  • Remove the RNA from the shipping box.
  • Peripheral devices (keyboard, mouse, and monitor) are not included and will not be required for installation at any time.

Product Description

The RNA is a network appliance physically deployed on a client’s network to establish a secure connection with Fortra Secure Network Operation Center (SNOC). This secure connection allows for the execution of internal testing on a client’s network. The RNA is wholly owned and maintained by Fortra It must be returned upon completion of the service agreement.

TIP: Be careful not to damage the shipping materials, as they will be used for return shipping.


  • Install the RNA to a power connection protected by an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).
  • Connect the supplied patch cable to the RNA Ethernet port and to an available network port.

Placement Consideration

  • For optimal results, the RNA should be placed on the protected side of the perimeter security devices.
  • Fortra recommends the RNA be plugged into a Managed Power Supply.
  • Due to the sensitivity of the data collected by the RNA, it should be installed in a controlled access location, such as a locked server room.

Plug the RNA into the Network Port

  • Minimum port hardware requirements are a cat-5 based connection running at least 100 Mbps at full or half duplex.
  • The RNA requires ports 443 and 22 for outbound traffic through the Internet gateway.
NOTE: If your site uses an application-based proxy (proxy server or firewall), please call Technical Support for additional configuration assistance.
TIP: Due to the sensitivity of the data collected by the RNA, it should be installed in a controlled access location, such as a locked server room.

Network Diagrams

Small Business Network Examples

Medium Business Network Examples

Enterprise Network Examples

Powering The Unit On

Once the unit has been connected to the network and powered on, please call Technical Support to verify connectivity.

See related: RNA™ Troubleshooting.

LCD Operation

The Fortra VM RNA has a front-facing integrated LCD screen that is capable of monitoring and reporting on the status of the RNA.


  • Pressing the or arrows on the RNA keypad will show basic system status information. The LCD panel will report the system’s online status, current IP address configuration, and the version of the current scanner software installed on the device.
  • Pressing the or arrows on the RNA front panel will allow access to features that include the ability to cancel all running scans on the unit or querying the RNA’s serial number.
  • Pressing and holding the button can power off the RNA.
  • Alternatively, the RNA can be booted by pressing and holding down the button in the center of the LCD control buttons.


Upon completion of services, Fortra will shut down the RNA remotely. Please do not disconnect the RNA until you have received confirmation by phone or e-mail from Technical Support.

  1. Remove the RNA from the network and package it using the original shipping materials.
  2. Adhere the enclosed pre-paid return shipping label to the outside of the box and contact the shipping service for pick-up.

For information regarding connectivity issues and troubleshooting, see RNA™ Troubleshooting