Authenticated Scanning

An authenticated scan in Fortra VM obtains accurate vulnerability information on covered devices by authenticating to scanned devices to obtain detailed information specific to the OS, software, configuration, and missing security patches.

Authenticated Scan Configuration

Scan Credentials

Accurate security credentials must be provided kept up to date for effective authenticated scans.

These security credentials are found in the Credentials Manager under Settings in the navigation menu. Here you can add new scan credential or modify an existing entry.

For further details to add, edit, or delete scan credentials see: Scan Configuration.

Scan Policy

Once the necessary credentials have been logged in the Credentials Manager, they can be associated to customized scan policies. Scan Policies define for the scanner the terms by which to process the scan through selected scan speed, ports, scan credentials, password auditing, and vulnerabilities to include or exclude.

For authenticated scans, ensure the Credentials tab is properly configured when creating or modifying a scan policy. Here you will find options to select toggles to indicate credential needs, and a list of available credentials will appear where you can select with check-marks the credentials associated with this scan policy. If no credentials are available a message will display prompting you to Add Credential, shown below.

For details on creating, editing and deleting scan policies: Scan Configuration

Authenticated Scan Results

From the navigation menu locate Scan Activity, under Scans. In Recent Scan Activity, Fortra VM provides icons to indicate the success or failure of authenticated scans. Circled numbers to the right of the scan status bar display the number of assets scanned. Additionally, four dashes are replaced with circled number indicators for authenticated scans. Hover over each of the circled number indicators and Fortra VM will display a call-out describing the type of authenticated scan (OS, DB, CIS, and ThreatScan) and the number of assessed, failed, and unassessed assets for each.

Use the funnel icon to search through all scan activity by filtering for authenticated scan outputs for OS, DB, CIS, and ThreatScans.

When an authenticated scan is selected, the scan details features an informational box for Authenticated Scan Failures. The error(s) causing scan failure are displayed with descriptions and asset counts for ease of error correction. Additionally, click on the asset counts to drill-down to see the assets for which the authenticated scan failure occurred.

WARNING: Problems with authenticated scanning arise when clients who utilize Trend Micro Worry Free Anti-Virus with Vulnerability Protection. The Vulnerability Protection component is known to truncate file transfers at 3,200,000 bytes, which prevents Fortra VM from deploying the necessary dissolvable agent. The agent is slightly over this limit in size and without the agent Fortra VM is prevented from performing a complete authenticated scan on Windows. To successfully use authenticated scanning within Fortra VM you must disable the vulnerability protection component or contact Trend Micro to determine the best way around this restriction.

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