Display Full Name of User in the WTC

In the Web Transfer Client (WTC), you can display the full name of a user if the following settings are true:

  • The Advanced Property "displayFullName" value must be set to "true" in administrator-configuration.json.

  • GDPR Article 15: "Right of Access" must be set to "Exercised via EFT's Web Client"

  • The user's full name must have a value in EFT (not an empty string)

If any of these settings are not true, the WTC will display the username on the account instead of the Full name.


  "batchDownloadAsZipThreshold": 5,
  "concurrentUploadLimit": 5,
  "crcEnabled": true,
  "displayFullName": true,
  "idlePeriodBeforeLogoffMS": 300000,
  "keepAlivePingMS": 200000,
  "timeoutWarningDurationMS": 20000,
  "uploadChunkSize": 200000000