Monthly Release Notes - May 2022

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Boldon James

Mac Classifier

Version 3.12.7

May 27, 2022

  • This release addresses Office maintenance updates impacting the functionality of the Mac Classifier product.

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Document Management (RJS)


Version: 1.6.0

May 16, 2022

  • Upgraded Annotation controls.
  • Fixed issue where Webdocs Login button would not work unless AutoLogin was on and SignHere was restarted.
  • Fixed issue where annotations were not correctly saved to PDF files when using the Burn feature.

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IBM Partnership

Backup, Recovery, and Media Service (BRMS)

Version: PTF 7.5 SI78291, 7.4 SI78290, 7.3 SI78289

June 16, 2022


In version 7.3 and later:

  • BRMS recovery report has been enhanced to provide improved reporting for H/A environments. This support will provide a way to generate a single BRMS recovery report using tapes from your backup and production systems in an H/A environment.

  • BRMS using IBM Cloud Storage for i has been enhanced to improve BRMS network support. The purpose of this support is to ensure duplicate volume names are not generated when any system in the BRMS network is in restricted state or when the BRMS network synchronization job is not working.

  • BRMS has been enhanced with new SQL services for the BRMS log, media library management, and backup control group information.

  • Enhancements have been made in BRMS to change the GUI only control group attributes for Allow activity overrides, Allow retention overrides, Lotus servers, Integrated Windows servers, and Guest partitions. See the BRMS wiki for more information.

  • BRMS can migrate control groups that contained GUI-generated omits to use object list omits. This function is not the default behavior but can be enabled before using the WRKCTLGBRM *BKU option 3 (Copy). See the BRMS wiki for more information


In version 7.3 and later:

  • Issue where parallel backups may report message MSGMCH0601 fixed.

  • Issue where a RSTOBJBRM(*ALL) operation may not restore all the objects which were backed up beginning with the valid naming character $ fixed.

  • DLTLICPGM 5770BR1 fails with message MSGCPF2407 issue fixed.

  • Fixed problem with Control groups QNFSIPLFUL and QNFSIPLINC failing to backup the image catalog directories correctly using the control group attribute IPL after backup *YES.

  • Fixed the function to force an IPL when the control group ended with MSGCPF1099 using data area Q1AIPLSUB and did not IPL when using the control group attribute IPL after backup *NO.

  • Control group backup with IFS (*LINK or link lists) fails with MSGBRM2330 Error number RC3525 issue fixed.

  • Issue with the missed object policy generating an invalid missed objects link list when more than 300 IFS objects fail during the backup fixed.

Version 7.5

May 12, 2022

New Features
  • IBM i implemented changes to improve the consistency with the underlying authority required for operational functionality. With respect to BRMS, these changes include:

    • The default authority for BRMS shipped functional usage is changing from default authority *ALLOWED to *DENIED. Use the SETUSRBRM command as a starting point to grant system operators and administrators access to BRMS functions and components. Then use the functional usage model to customize access by user.

    • The default assigned to the database shipped with BRMS is changing from *PUBLIC *USE authority to *PUBLIC *EXCLUDE.

    • The data authority for BRMS shipped flight recording is changing from data authority *RWX to *WX.

  • BRMS is introducing SQL Service interfaces as a new way to view, order, and subset BRMS information.

  • VTL iSCSI attached device support.

  • New support for Ultrium 9 (LTO9) tape drives and media.

  • Enhancements to Backup and Restore include:
    • The default for the Save Object using BRM (SAVBRM) command parameter Asynchronous bring (ASYNCBRING) is changing from *NO to *YES to match the SAV command default.

    • Backup control group support for IFS backups using SAVACTOPT(*ALWCHKPWRT)and SAVACTOPT(*ALL).

    • Backup control group entry support for Save active message queue library.

    • RSTLIBBRM has been enhanced with the STRJRN() and SELECT() parameters.

    • RSTOBJBRM has been enhanced with the STRJRN() parameter.

  • Media Service enhancements include:

    • WRKMEDBRM has been enhanced to select multiple From locations and multiple Media class names.

    • WRKMEDBRM has been enhanced to support OUTPUT(*OUTFILE)and OUTPUT(*OUTSTMF).

    • The Work with Media using BRM (WRKMEDBRM) parameter Select volumes(TYPE) special value *BOTH has been removed and is replaced by special value *ALL.

  • Reporting and Logging enhancements:

    • Recovery report (QP1ARCY) steps have been enhanced to include cloud recovery support for Network Install Using Network File System(NFS) and using DSI VTL iSCSI attached devices.

    • PRTRPTBRM has been enhanced with an EXPDATE() parameter to select which records to include in the report.

    • DSPLOGBRM has been enhanced to support OUTPUT(*OUTFILE)and OUTPUT(*OUTSTMF).

  • Enhancements to BRMS Policies:

    • WRKPCYBRM *SYS option for BRMS to include all messages that occur during BRMS command processing in the BRMS log.

    • WRKPCYBRM *RCY option for check the size of the restore.

    • WRKPCYBRM *BKU option for automatic virtual volume attributes.

    • The Work with Policies using BRM (WRKPCYBRM) TYPE(*BKU) default value for Asynchronous bring is changing from *NO to *YES to match the Save Object (SAV) command.

  • API and Exit Program enhancements include:

    • Reclaim Media (Q1ARCLMED) API gives users the ability to programmatically reclaim a single tape volume.

    • Change Control Group Attributes (Q1ACHGCGA) API enables users to change programmatically the control group attributes.

    • Control Group exit program support for new format BKUI0200.

    • APIs have a default assigned functional authority of *DENIED.


IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i

Version 7.5 HA 5.0.1, PTF SI78996 (plus Language PTFs)
Included in PTF Group SF99676 750 High Availability for IBM i - level 1

May 12, 2022

  • The PowerHA SystemMirror for i offering is simplified to have a single edition containing all functionality. When upgrading from a prior release, if 5770HAS option 1 was not installed, the manual installation of 5770HAS Option 1 will be required either before or after the upgrade.

  • PowerHA has been enhanced so that planned switchovers or unplanned failovers will always use the QSYSNOMAX job queue for IASP vary on and off operations regardless of the user initiating the operation.

  • Improved the update speed of the CRG recovery domain eligibility after a switchover or failover where replication is not reversed.

  • Resolved an issue where the global status for admin domain attributes shows as unknown instead of the correct value.

  • Improved the QHASM.CLUSTER_NODES SQL service to return 0 rather than null, for a node that has a potential mod level of 0.

  • Resolved an issue in CSM Global Mirror environments where an administrative switchover may not contain data from recent writes resulting in a higher than expected RPO.

  • Resolved an issue where some PowerHA exit programs were left registered when uninstalling PowerHA. These exit programs are now removed as part of uninstalling PowerHA.

  • Resolved an issue where ANZCADPRF may give escape message CPF9801 when user profiles have been removed from the system.

  • Simplified problem determination in a DS8000 environment with improved logging of DSCLI errors.

  • Improved error message when an incorrect node name is given on CRTCRG or ADDCRGNODE.

  • The public authority for several PowerHA programs has changed from *USE to *EXCLUDE. Any users without *ALLOBJ authority may need additional authority to perform PowerHA operations.

  • To improve consistency with the underlying authority required for the functionality, the public authority of the following commands has been changed from *USE to *EXCLUDE:

    • Retrieve Cluster (RTVCLU)

    • Retrieve CRG (RTVCRG)

    • Wrk with Cluster (WRKCLU)

    • Print Admin Dmain MRE (PRTCADMRE)

    • Retrieve ASP Cpy Descriptin (RTVASPCPYD)

    • Retrieve ASP Sessin (RTVASPSSN)

    • Retrieve CSM Sessin (RTVCSMSSN)

    • Retrieve SVC Cpy Descriptin (RTVSVCCPYD)

    • Retrieve SVC Sessin (RTVSVCSSN)

NOTE: PTF update SI78996 requires one or more associated language PTFs. To determine if additional languages you have installed in your environment require a requisite MRI PTF, consult the table of language PTFs in the release cover letter at IBM Support.

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Version 3.07

May 3, 2022

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Updated to jQuery 3.5.0 to resolve vulnerabilities

  • Updated to handlebars 4.7.7 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with certificate expiration.

  • Openssl version 1.0.2n replaced with version 1.1.1n.

  • Corrupted toml config files are repaired upon upgrade.

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Version: 7.4.462

May 26, 2022

NOTE: The AWSSDK.dll is no longer included with JAMS. Install the AWS SDK if you require this .dll.
New Features
  • Desktop Client
    • Added a new Diagram tab to give a visual representation of all dependencies and preconditions for a Job. It also provides a view of all related Entries, including live updates on the current status.
  • Agents
    • Improved the connection logging for Jobs that run on Agents and resolved connection issues. Also, improved the behavior when canceling a Job on an Agent that has disconnected.
    • Added a new Connect On Demand property to Outgoing Agents to create a connection to the Agent only when Jobs are actively running on it.
    • Added caching to improve performance of the Agent Monitor view. The JAMS Scheduler, Server, and Desktop Client must be updated.
  • Desktop Client
    • Added a new Command Script Sequence Task to run Windows commands in a Sequence Jobs.
    • Enhanced the labels and appearance of the Parameter editor in a Sequence Job for the Submit Job Task, SQL Stored Procedure Task, and Oracle Stored Procedure Task.
    • Added zoom in, zoom out, fit, fill, and overview options in the Sequence Editor and Viewer for better visibility.
    • Added new Skip and Hold options to the right-click menu for the Failure Action Task container in Sequence Job. When one of these options is selected, JAMS will skip/hold all tasks inside the container that can be moved to that new state.
    • Improved the error message when attempting to pass an encrypted parameter from a Sequence Job to a child Job.
  • Installer
    • Updated the requirement from .NET Framework 4.7.2 to 4.8. The JAMS installer will now attempt to install .NET Framework 4.8 if it is not found.
  • Integrations
    • Added a Refresh button to the SQL Stored Procedure, Oracle Stored Procedure, and Banner Procedure Sequence Tasks to refresh the list of parameters on-demand.
    • Updated the integration with Automate Desktop. JAMS 7.4 supports only Automate Desktop 11.6.
    • Added support for SSIS, SSRS, and SQL Agent in SQL Server 2019.
  • Scheduler
    • Updated to the latest version of Rebex (5.5) for improved cryptographic support.
    • Improved system monitoring and management to log when client/server connections reach 75 percent threshold of the configured limit and increased the default limit of concurrent sessions from 100 to 800.
    • Added a security warning in the log for Jobs that run on Agents with unsecure connections.
  • Agent
    • Resolved an issue that caused long running Jobs to have Activity Timeout errors.
  • API
    • Improved the api/entry endpoint to avoid "500 Internal Server Error" messages.
    • Resolved an issue that may occur when submitting multiple requests to get the Scheduler status.

  • Desktop Client
    • Resolved issues with encrypted parameters and variables on the History and Monitor views. Also updated encrypted values in the Audit Trail and in Job logs for legacy Agents.

    • Added the Restrict ACL on Export and Restrict ACL on Import configuration settings for improved control of ACL information.
    • Resolved an issue that prevented holding or skipping future Sequence Tasks within a Sequence Job.
    • Improved validation for the S3Download, S3Upload, and S3Session activities in a Workflow Job.

    • Updated the S3 Secret Key, S3 Access Key, and S3 Bucket properties in a Workflow Job to allow using variables instead of hard-coded values.

    • Resolved an issue in the connection settings for connecting to an Azure database.

    • Resolved an issue where a Retry Interval was not applied after a retry attempt when the Retry Count property was set.

    • Resolved an issue where an exception was displayed when overriding a child Job parameter value and submitting a Sequence Job.

  • Integrations
    • Resolved an issue when loading the Banner integration from JAMSDBA.
    • Updated to retain the folder structure when files are recursively uploaded to S3 using Send-JFSItem.
    • Added support for canceling a package with the SSISDirect execution method. This is only supported for packages running the SSIS Catalog.
    • Resolved an issue where SAP Jobs could fail after upgrading. XBP version 3.0 is now used when a version is not specified.
    • Resolved an issue with canceling an SAP Job that had not yet started.
    • Resolved an issue with the GoAnywhere Sequence Integration that could cause the Task to incorrectly report an error.
  • PowerShell

    • Resolved an issue with the Submit-JAMSEntry option where an entry may not be removed from the Monitor view.

  • Scheduler
    • Resolved an issue where an "Agent not found" message was displayed when executing a Job after the Executor service was restarted.
    • Resolved an issue where a Job with a runaway status would not be canceled after failover to a secondary JAMS Scheduler.

    • Resolved an issue where the JAMS Scheduler may become unresponsive when releasing Prerequisite Jobs from within Workflow Jobs.

    • Resolved token errors with long-running Sequence Jobs by automatically refreshing tokens.

    • Resolved an error that could cause the Scheduler service to fail when looking up a parent entry.

  • Web Client
    • Resolved an issue where a template update was not saved for Command Execution Methods.
    • Resolved an issue where a server error may appear when a user tries to log in without Configuration access.
    • Resolved an issue with the contents of the Source tab that may occur when copying Jobs.
    • Updated the Active Directory login to support TLS 1.2.

    • Resolved the parameter display when set through variables.

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BoKS Manager

Version: 8.1 (version update)

May 20, 2022

New Features
  • Support is added for Ubuntu 22.04 (Server Agent only).

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Robot HA

Version 13.06

May 23, 2022

  • Robot HA now supports IBM i 7.5.

  • Additional PTFs are needed if syncing from OS 7.5 to 7.4 or 7.3.

    • 7.4=SI76821

    • 7.3=SI76822

  • Clarified messaging when sync jobs cannot save objects.

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Titus Classification for Google Workspace (on-premise)

Version 2020.0 SP1 HF9

May 30, 2022

  • Resolved an issue where the "on send" event was not working due to an update from Google.

Titus Data Detection Engine

Version 2022.05

May 27, 2022

Version 2022.05

May 27, 2022

New Features
  • Changed name of "GDPR" Catalogue to the "Privacy" Catalogue.

  • Changed CatalogueID to "privacy." Enter privacy for the CatalogueID value when creating a Data Detection Engine Custom Condition.

    • Note: For this release, existing Configurations that use the GDPR CatalogueID of "catalogue_id_gdpr" will be routed to the Privacy Catalogue.

  • The Privacy Catalogue can detect additional data types compared to the previous GDPR Catalogue. New data types include:

    • AddressCount: detects the number of addresses.

    • HealthCount: detects health information such as patient names, diagnosis, medications, and World Health Organization ICD-10 codes.

    • IpCount and Ipv6Count: two new data types to detect IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Titus Classification for Outlook Web App (OWA)

Version 2022.1

May 18, 2022

New Features
  • Added Portion Marking feature to enable users to apply classifications to individual portions of an email. This feature is only for customers who purchased a Titus Military License for the Administration Console.

  • This release supports Exchange Server (2016 or 2019) and Exchange Online (Office 365).

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Version 3.20.0

May 2022

New Features
  • Manage access for files that are shared widely to allow one or more other users to be Co-Owners of the file in the SaaS Windows Client and MacOS Client. File Co-Owners are people and/or groups that can receive and grant access requests, share the file and edit it but cannot change the ownership or remove privileges from the owner. Please see the new File Co-Owners section in the Admin Guide.

  • Windows Client - Box Drive - Vera-secured files showing Vera icon

    For Box Drive, the icons of Vera-secured files will show the native application icon (Vera icon) when the Vera Client is installed in the machine.

  • Windows Client - Enable the Keyboard Enter Button on Vera Client Login

    If you are not signed into the Vera client and try to open a Vera-protected document, it prompts you to sign in. While signing in, if you press Enter on the keyboard it will sign you in.

  • Vera announces end of support for the following applications/versions on MacOS:

    • AutoCAD, AutoCADLT, Reader and Adobe Illustrator version 2019 in the 3.20.0 release.

    • Office 365 version 15.41.0 and earlier in the upcoming 3.20.0 release.

NOTE: For viewing secured PDF files on MacOS, users can use Vera Preview.
  • Vera announces the end-of-life support for OS X Mojave in the upcoming 3.21.0 release.

  • Outlook shim for MacOS in the upcoming 3.21.0 release.

NOTE: For Outlook support, users must upgrade to the Vera JS add-in to continue using Vera with Outlook on a Mac.
  • Fixed an issue where MacOS users with Vera Client installed cannot open and edit unsecured PPT files in SharePoint online.

  • Fixed an issue where after installing the SharePoint add-in application, Vera considered normal HTML files (not Vera-secured files) as Vera-secured files and displayed an error when opening the file.

  • Fixed an issue where the Vera icon may not display for Dropbox under certain special conditions.

  • Fixed an issue where there is a discrepancy in the file name when the file is opened in a browser and in a default application. Vera improved the handling of renamed files when viewing in the browser. Files that have been renamed in the local file system or in SharePoint and subsequently opened using the browser will be noted as such in the file details page.

  • Fixed a bug where in some situations, users with privileges to modify the access of multiple files were not able to do so.

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