Monthly Release Notes - August 2022

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Automate Desktop and Automate Plus/Ultimate


August 25, 2022

  • The Database (SQL query) activity now creates an empty dataset if no rows are returned as a result of the statement execution.

Version 11.7.0

August 5, 2022

New Features
  • FTP Action Enhancements
    • Automate Desktop and Automate Plus/Ultimate.

    • Added the ability to adjust SFTP pipeline length, block transfers, and upload/download block size.

    • Added the ability to suppress additional operations for SFTP transfers.

  • JSON Object Action Enhancements

    • Automate Desktop and Automate Plus/Ultimate.

    • Added new activities to expand support for JSON-related automation (Add field, Add to, Create, Delete field, Delete from, Get size, Get values, Set values, and To text).

    • Resolved numerous issues related to the JSON (Decode) activity.

  • OCR Action Enhancements

    • Automate Desktop and Automate Plus/Ultimate.

    • Added support for the Turkish language for all OCR activities.

  • Web Browser Action Enhancements

    • Added support for Internet Explorer (IE) mode for the Microsoft Edge browser.

    • Added the ability to load extensions for Chromium-based browsers.

    • Added the ability to inject JavaScript into a web page by way of the Inject JavaScript activity.

    • The Web Browser action now keeps the current web driver if it cannot download an updated version.

  • Added support for Windows 11.

  • Task performance has been improved in Automate Enterprise.

  • Access to the Automate Enterprise communication definitions has been removed.

  • The Automate Enterprise Process Agent now supports Java 11.0 or later.

  • When the previous task in a workflow is run on an Agent Group, the next task's "Previous" agent now works as expected.

  • The Database (SQL query) and (Stored procedure) activities now provide the option to include milliseconds in query results for DateTime dataset values.

  • The File System (Move) activity's Source and Destination parameters now support over 260 characters.

  • The File System Trigger now restarts if file triggering is manually turned off, and then back on, or if a task is manually ended using the Running Task dialog box.

  • The OCR action no longer displays an error while using the Tesseract engine.

  • The Text (Replace) activity now honors regex expressions in the "Replace with" parameter.

  • The Web Browser (Open) activity now returns the web page's code while using view-source.

  • The Web Browser (Select list item(s)) and (Select menu item) activities no longer display an error if a variable is used in the session name.

  • The Web Browser action has been updated to improve performance with clicking on and extracting page elements.

  • The IF (Contains text) activity no longer fails and displays an error when the "\Q" escape sequence is used.

  • The HTTP action no longer fails to connect to LinkedIn while using OAuth 2.0 authentication.

  • The FTP (Logon) activity no longer displays an error while trying to connect to an FTP server using a private key file.

  • The FTP log file now includes a list of all uploaded files if the file path includes a wildcard.

  • The FTP action no longer fails to connect while using SFTP Auto or Custom ciphers.

  • The OnTaskFailure event now executes when the Task (Stop) activity contains numeric values.

  • The Task (Start subtask) activity now continues past an On Error step if the subtask fails.

  • The HTTP action's "Authentication type" parameter now displays all available types, based on the HTTP activity being used.

  • The PowerShell action no longer displays an error message if PowerShell 2.0 or later is installed.

  • The Input (Send keystrokes) activity’s help page has been updated to explain case sensitivity in more detail.

  • The Expression Builder is now accessible from the PDF (Set fields) activity's AcroForm parameter.

  • The RowsAffected dataset field is now populated when using SQL queries.

  • Workflows containing a web browser session will no longer close a web browser window unless the Web Browser (Close) activity is included in the task.

  • The PDF (Get attachment(s)) activity now retains the value entered in the “Destination” parameter when updating from Automate 10 to Automate Desktop 11.

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Boldon James

HelpSystems Data Classification Reporting Server

Version 2.0

August 5, 2022

New Features
  • Updated product name to HelpSystems Data Classification Reporting Server to reflect that multiple product lines can use this product, for example, Boldon James and Titus.

  • Updated Reporting Server user interface to provide a new modern look-and-feel that is consistent with other HelpSystems products.

  • Added support for SQL Server encrypted connections using SSL/TLS Certificates.

  • Added support for .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0 and ASP.Net Core Runtime 6.0-Hosting Bundle.

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Cobalt Strike

Cobalt Strike

Version: 4.7

August 17, 2022

New Features
  • Added new memory options to the Malleable C2 Profile for BOF execution, allowing users to define how BOFs live in memory.
  • Added SOCKS5 proxy server support, including DNS resolution and UDP support.
  • Added an option to import credentials on the View -> Credentials list. Added an additional export option to facilitate this.
  • Added a stageless payload generator dialog that allows you to set either "thread" or "process" as the exit option.
  • Added a new command clipboard to steal the contents of the Windows clipboard.
    • Also added an Aggressor Script function bclipboard to steal the contents of the Windows clipboard.
  • Added a preference to set whether to display the teamserver tab bar at all times (unchecked by default).
  • Added a new menu item to allow the user to generate x86 and x64 stageless payloads for all available payload variants at once.
    • Also added a new Aggressor Script function all_payloads to do this without showing the dialog.
  • Added a sleep time tracking feature.
    • The sleep time for each Beacon is recorded and displayed in a new column in the Beacon table view
    • Sleep time is persisted between teamserver restarts.
  • Added a Beacon Health feature that uses the sleep time and last checkin time for each Beacon to indicate whether the Beacon is active, disconnected or dead.
  • Added a dark mode option to the UI.
  • Added two new Beacon console commands.
    • file_browser opens the File Browser.
    • process_browser opens the Process Browser.
  • Added automatic parsing and resolution of Windows error codes.
    • Added a new Beacon console command windows_error_code that can be independently used to convert a Windows error code to a message.
    • Added a new Aggressor Script function windows_error_code that can be used to convert a Windows error code to a message.
  • Updated how Beacon processes BOFs.
  • BOF memory sections are now located together, this resolves issues where BOFs may not run because the address offset is > 4GB.
    • Added support for additional relocation types.
    • Increased the number of available dynamic functions from 32 to 64.
  • Updated File Browser processing to ensure that actions are displayed on the Beacon console and logged in the activity report in the same way as when the "ls" command is run.
  • Updated Beacon interactions in the UI. Double-clicking a Beacon now open the Beacon console (i.e. interact with the Beacon).
  • Updated Process Browser processing to ensure that actions are dispalyed on the Beacon console and logged in the activity report in the same way as when the "ps" command is run.
  • Updated the main menu to flatten out and reorganize some of the menus.
  • Updated the icons used in the UI and simplified the toolbar, removing buttons for some of the less popular functions.
  • Added a new dialog that displays default shortcut keys (Help -> Default Shortcut Keys).
  • Updated Beacon and SSH console timestamps. They are both now on by default.
  • Updated the Beacon status bar to display more information including hostname, host OS bitness (x86 or x64), username, process ID, process bitness (x86 or x64), parent process ID (linked Beacons only), Beacon note (truncated if > 50 characters) and last connection time.
  • Updated the event status bar to include the teamserver local IP and number of Beacons.
  • Updated Sleep mask to be executed as a BOF.
    • Sleep mask size limit increased from 769 to 8192 bytes.
  • Updated module stomping to support the ability to specify the starting ordinal when searching for exported functions.
  • Updated steal_token to enable it to steal tokens from processes that it previously couldn't get to, by making the access mask customizable.
    • Also updated the steal_token dialog in the UI to make it easier to set the access mask.
  • Updated the Beacon right-click menu. Changes made to Beacon, SSH, Graph and Targets options.
  • Updated the "ps" command output.
    • Parent/child process relationships are resolved and displayed in a tree.
  • Updated the images used for Beacons, sessions and targets in the pivot chart and table views.
  • Updated the Aggressor Script function setup_reflective_loader to output the ReflectiveLoader function offset to the script console.
  • Fixed reliability issues around how copy/paste works. Text is now reliably copied to the clipboard.

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Document Management (RJS)


Version: 1.2.18

August 22, 2022

New Features
  • Added ability to thread network file monitoring.
  • Added Windows Integrated Security option for SQL Server.
  • Added the ability to set a custom smtp server timeout value, overriding the default value of 20 seconds.
  • Added ability to customize connection reuse parameter for IBM i connections. Users can override the default value for each configured service.
  • Added new PDF Library for conversions to PDFs that allows for new font options and better automatic scaling of output files.
  • Added SQL Upgrade Scripts to installed package for ease of troubleshooting.
  • Added XLSX as a output type option for spool file conversions using DataImport.
  • Added Admin setting to allow StartTLS to be enabled/disabled in the event email servers, like newer O365 servers, do not support the command.
  • Fixed issue with log viewer where users could potentially inject their own SQL into the query filter.
  • Increased field width of Imaging Destination dropdown lists
  • Sorted the document type list on the destinations add/update page.
  • Fixed issue where * No Route choice in UI could save invalid data.

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August 5, 2022

New Features

    Context Variables

    • Added %USER.HOME_FOLDER_PATH% to return user's full home folder path

    EFT Administration

    • Added support for 64bit

    • Added support to create Advanced Workflow folders

    • Added support for Upload VFS Quotas

    • Added support to map EFT site root folder to the cloud

    • Added support for Remote Agent list export to CSV

    • Added support for SSL Certificate Rotation Period Notification

    Event Rules

    • Added support for multi-event rule move to folder

    High Availability (HA)

    • Added support for upgrade cluster with zero downtime


    • Updated OpenPGP library


    • Updated OpenSSL library to 1.1.1o (Note: FIPS will continue to use 1.0.2u)

    Remote Agent (RAM)

    • Added support for Compress/Decompress action in RAM


    • Added REST API support for email templates

    • Added REST API support to obtain defined users under the /sites/{siteid}/users endpoint

    • Added REST API keep-alive endpoint

    • Added REST API support to return admin session information

    • Added REST API support for User Settings templates

    • Added REST API support for Permission Groups

    • Added REST API support for AWE

    • Added REST API support for Custom Commands

    • Added REST API support for Connection Profiles

    • Added REST API support for DMZ Gateway

    • Added REST API support for VFS cloud

    • Added REST API support for Remote Agents


    • Added support for downloading a workspace share folder as a zip file


    Advanced Properties (AP)

    • Removed "EnableMultiPart" and "MultipartValue" APs

    Context Variables

    • Expanded support for %FS.VIRTUAL_PATH% in certain event rules

    • Expanded support for %WS_OWNER_NAME% in the Send email template

    EFT Administration

    • Increased Compress/Decompress buffer size for better performance in EFT admin UI and event rules

    • Restored the ability to select registration for Single or Multi Site DMZ

    • Added WEL and EFT logging for PGP Key Rotation Period Notification

    • Added Support for Microsoft Edge WebView2 for ARM report rendering

    • Support for Windows Server 2022

    Event Rules

    • Added AWS Region Asia Pacific, Jakarta

    High Availability (HA)

    • EFT Templates are now in a single location when configured in a cluster


    • EFT will now provide 5 free workspace licenses upon activation of the HTTPs module

    • Added support to register Advanced Security Module (ASM) license key in Regulatory Compliance Module to unlock both Regulatory Compliance Module and Advanced Authentication Modes Module

    • Added support to register Express Security Module (ESM) license key in Regulatory Compliance Module to unlock Regulatory Compliance Module

    • Restored EFT registration UI behavior, EFT Server must first be registered before any other module

    • Added Advanced option to the EFT registration wizard to help troubleshoot registration issues


    • Added the ability to obtain last password change details in the userId metrics endpoint




    • Fixed an issue where data reported in the Traffic - Protocolwise Connections table were not properly reporting the correct bytes


    • Fixed an issue where LDAP users were getting provisioned without authentication due to an issue with SAML SSO configurations

    Custom Commands

    • Fixed an issue where modified custom commands would not be saved

    • Fixed an issue where context variables to action fields broke legacy behavior

    EFT Administration

    • Fixed an issue where the EFT Admin UI could hang when disk quota would trigger recalculation

    • Fixed an issue where the EFT administrators would not be able to connect via our Admin console remotely when TLS 1.3 was disabled

    • Fixed an issue where the EFT administrators could not set large values in custom user profile fields

    • Fixed an issue where requests were made to the EFT AppData path on user account login

    • Fixed an issue where the RADIUS test button would report a failure even when configured properly

    • Fixed an issue where the Automate Workflow logs would reside on the wrong path when configuring EFT remotely

    • Fixed an issue where the EFT Admin UI could crash when configured with a specific CIC profile

    • Fixed an issue where the Azure Blob SAS token test button would report a failure even when configured properly

    • Fixed an issue where the Admin UI stats option would not properly count event rules

    • Fixed an issue where EFT Event Rule administrators could not use the browse button in an event rule

    • Fixed an issue where copying/pasting event rule conditions/actions would not work as expected

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions EFT admin UI could hang during backup process

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions upgrades from EFT Express could fail

    • Fixed an issue where EFT would not properly prohibit reuse of previous password minimum value

    • Fixed an issue where the EFT admin UI would not always report the correct active session count

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions EFT would crash after an upgrade

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions new users were not being forced to change password upon first use

    • Fixed an issue where banned file types were still allowed to upload


    • Fixed an issue where site.GetPermPathsList would not properly identify non-existing folders

    • Fixed an issue where certain workspaces API endpoints were no longer available

    EFT Event Rules

    • Fixed an issue where Automate Workflow event rules would not always trigger after an upgrade

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions Folder Monitor event rules could double trigger

    • Fixed an issue where Cloud Upload actions would fail when the name contained a comma

    • Fixed an issue where the If Login Name condition would not work under certain conditions

    • Fixed an issue where the User Login failed condition would not trigger in the HTTPS protocol

    • Fixed an issue where If Virtual Path filter would not work when configured with Starts With

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions a configured MultiPartUpload could crash EFT

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions a configured pure sync event could cause EFT to crash

    • Fixed an issue where Cloud Monitor object event rules may not properly load balance

    • Fixed an issue where uploading to a Azure Blob would fail with permissions lower than Storage Level Access

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions users were unable to login via CAC when AllowNonCACUsers AP is enabled


    • Fixed an issue where upon upgrade EFT would not disable non-supported FIPS ciphers

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions upon upgrade to 8.0.6 FTPS transfers would fail


    • Fixed an issue where FTP would fail to connect to OpenVMS


    • Fixed an issue where TED6logs were not saved on the correct path when configured with an AP


    • Fixed an issue where UserAgentHeaderMustUseOTP Advanced Property (AP) would not properly work with different formatting/configurations


    • Fixed an issue where OpenPGP would fail to decrypt encrypted files with Bouncy Castle


    • Fixed an issue where manual registration for DMZ Single site license would fail

    Remote Agent

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions Remote Agents could experience memory leaks

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions a Remote Agent could enter an infinite loop when trying to write to the log

    • Fixed an issue where UTF-8 characters in remote agent rules were not supported


    • Fixed an issue where SFTP connections would not handle directly listing correctly with the STAT command


    • Fixed an issue where FTP via SSL connections could cause performance issues with certain clients


    • Fixed an issue where guest user Workspaces registration would fail when passwords contained # character

    • Fixed an issue where Workspaces users were unable to attach web file request in the reply portal

    • Fixed an issue where the WTC page would not display correct error when accessing a workspace invite after workspaces is disabled


    • Fixed an issue where WTC would fail to generate an appropriate error message when a password match a dictionary word

    • Fixed an issue where EFT would pass windows reserved paths accessible via WTC

    • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions exercising the forgot password option could SPAM a user account

    • Fixed an issue where WTC will now provide a prompt when a user account is blocked due to invalid login attempts

    • Fixed an issue where password complexity UI would not properly display for guest accounts

    • Fixed an issue where WTC users could not change their password when configured with an empty password

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Version 7.0.3

August 31, 2022

  • Fixed an issue with Web Client legacy API request parsing.

  • Fixed an issue where the Environment Name and System Name were not rendering correctly in the Admin Client page header.

  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't download files from Secure Forms responses when submitting a form and accessing files anonymously.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting certain locales in Global Settings would cause a 500 error on the admin client.

  • Fixed an issue where FileCatalyst downloads were not able to complete when the "Transfer with Temp Names" option was enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where the scrollbar was not available in the Agent Manager.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Cloud Connectors from being upgraded or reverted via change history.

Version 7.0.2

August 4, 2022

  • Enhanced the Diagnostics Thread Dump process to output the entire stack.

  • Changed the temp file extension that is used while the Global AV is processing files to ensure that end users are not aware that ICAP scanning is happening.

  • Version 3 of GoFast now supports connections through Gateway.

  • Updated the text on the Antivirus Settings Service Limits tab to reflect that the GoFast service is supported.

  • Fixed an issue with Global Antivirus that caused uploads to Amazon S3 Virtual Folders to fail.

  • Fixed an issue with SFTP and Global Antivirus that caused rejected ICAP file uploads to be improperly handled.

  • Fixed an issue with SCP Uploads that prevented Triggers from accessing the target file and Antivirus scanning from accurately reporting failures.

  • Fixed an issue where an invalid add-on type would break the ability to import add-ons via xml.

  • Fixed an issue where the custom header logo would display at a lower size than the actual file. This was introduced in 7.0.

  • Fixed an issue where certain trigger conditions with GoFast were not getting processed properly.

  • Fixed an issue where large file downloads through the FileCatalyst integration would fail with a "No room in queue" error message.

  • Fixed an issue where zero-byte file transfers in the GoFast Task were reporting the wrong transfer time amount.

GoAnywhere Agents

Version 1.7.2

August 31, 2022

  • Java version 11 is now required for Agents starting in version 1.7.2.

  • Updated GoFast and FileCatalyst libraries to handle transfers through Gateway.

GoAnywhere Gateway

Version 2.9.0

August 3, 2022

  • Enhanced the UDP server to allow for bi-directional proxy flow, specifically to support GoFast V3 powered by File Catalyst.

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IBM Partnership

Rational Developer for i (RDi)


August 23, 2022

  • Editor support added for RPG language updates includes:
    • ON-EXCP and SND-MSG op-codes
    • %MSG and %TARGET built in functions
  • For toggling edit/browse mode, in a source member, right-click and select Source > Toggle Browse/Edit.

  • In the object table view, right-click a member and select Compare With > Compare (Prompt). Then browse or enter values for the member to compare.

  • Error list support for CRTPGM, CRTSRVPGM

  • Object Table quick filter entry fields support CTRL+V, CTRL+C for Paste, Copy.

  • Editing ILE RPG:

    • Comment out unused variables

    • Create missing variables and procedures

    • Added a keyboard short-cut [alt]+[shft]+t to the Extract Constants menu action

    • Extract Procedure: support embedded SQL statements in selection

  • Editing CL - Recognize control statement in MONMSG EXEC(...) when filtering view by control.

  • Added LPEX filter for subroutines and procedures. (IBMI-I-105)

  • Added preference for default case for Context Assist insertions. (IBMI-I 284)

  • Added preference to change default insert mode for editor. (IBMI-I 364)

  • Left Hand Indicators included in Outline. (IBMI-I 436)

  • Outline shows data structure query modified by an xml-into statement. (IBMI-I 511)

  • Display name of file in hover text for record formats. (IBMI-I 576)

  • Display the contents of the save file (SAVF). (IBMI-I 707)

  • RDI Unable to set a file association other than dspf for screen designer (SE70061)

  • RDI Remote system lpex editor find dialog opens as a tab on mac os x (SE70062)

  • RDI ILE RPG Content assist fails inside a proc when the line is missing a required semi-colon (SE71463)

  • Incorrect ILE RPG Block comment behavior in RDI WITH INSERT * INTO COLUMN 7 and shift line by one columns (SE72724)

  • RDI RPGLE Editor refactor rename action does not change **CTDATA array name (SE73160)

  • Rational Developer for System i-editing RPG: Z-ADD With length define not shown as a modify reference in outline view (SE73235)

  • RDI Remote systems LPEX editor may incorrectly show references to external files in ILE RPG source as unused (SE73321)

  • RDI ILE RPG Procedure Wizard fails to insert correct description text and type for program procedure (SE73640)

  • RDI Content assist for embedded SQL statements replaces remaining line content if no parameter separator is specified (SE73744)

  • RDI CL Prompter is incorrectly diagnosing PARM clause SPCVAL((*ABC -1)) (SE73959)

  • RDI ILE RPG content assist may not offer correct keywords for a parameter statement (SE74753)

  • RDI COPY from I Project, paste to remote member corrupts extended characters (SE75819)

  • RDI RPG output specification and/or conditioning lines cause blank outline view (SE76157)

  • RDI Remote systems LPEX editor does not resequence on save (SE76203)

  • RDI Opens editor in edit mode when it should be browse mode (SE76229)

  • RDI CL Prompter command entry does not handle pasted line separator characters (SE76234)

  • RDI Editor should add columns 1-5 change signature to embedded SQL lines in ILE RPG source (SE76308)

  • RDI NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION when opening screen designer editor on DSPF source (SE76312)

  • RDI RPG refactor rename action should allow choosing a duplicate name with warning (SE76366)

  • RDI I Project member compare to corresponding remote member leaves member locked (SE76375)

  • RDI CL prompter is incorrectly diagnosing the PARM clause SPCVAL((* A)) (SE76389)

  • RDI Editing RPG Source containing double byte literals using a profile with CCSID 1399 gets parser error (SE76517)

  • RDI-editing RPGLE-F1 help on selected built-in function name does not link to its help page (SE76646)

  • RPG REFACTOR > Extract procedure dialog does not enable controls for like definition for return value (SE76946)

  • RDI 9.6.0 RDI Locks up at startup when RPG and DDS source editors left open from last RDI shutdown (SE77334 )

  • RDI Member compare shows corrupted characters when member has no type (SE77389)

  • RDI Parsing jobs for I Project RPG source files being edited at RDI startup never complete (SE77608)

  • RDI RDI NullPointerException when Toggle Memory Mode is enabled in the Monitors View while debugging (SE77814)

  • RDI Debug emits MSG DBGE0004 or CRRDG3044 after monitor memory of data structure subfield (SE77101)

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Antivirus for IBM i

Version 8.08

August 16, 2022

  • Fixed an integration failure with Powertech Antivirus GUI when:

    • Powertech Antivirus for IBM i 8.06 is updated to a higher release.

    • The Powertech Antivirus for IBM i *ALLOBJ user profile setting is modified from the default value.

    • A permanent license key is used for Powertech Antivirus for IBM i.

  • Fixed an issue with scanning failures on systems running POWER7 hardware.

  • Fixed the AVSVR job failure issue when the Powertech Antivirus for IBM i *ALLOBJ user profile setting is modified from the default value.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Version 1.5.1

August 16, 2022

  • Updated to Apache Log4j to 2.17.2, ActiveMQ 5.17, and Tomcat 9 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Windows Authentication Manager: The command to stop services has been simplified to significantly reduce the stop and restart time.

Version R01M08

August 16, 2022

  • Updated the IBM i Agent for compatibility with Powertech MFA 1.5.1.
  • Changed the API to provide the authentication result as an output parameter, which can be used by the calling program. If the fourth parameter contains the value 1, the authentication was successful; any other integer value means the authentication failed.

  • Multiple Exit Point programs are now shipped with the correct *PUBLIC *USE authority.

  • The return code is now reset within the authentication API at the start of each use.

  • Fixed the use of emergency override within the authentication API.

Version 1.5.1

August 16, 2022

  • Updated the Desktop Agent for compatibility with Powertech MFA 1.5.1.
  • Updated to Apache Log4j to 2.17.2.

Command Security for IBM i

Version 1.16

August 9, 2022

  • Fixed an issue where, in rare instances, jobs could halt when a monitored command was executed in them.

  • Fixed the “Processing command failure” error on the WRKMBRPDM command. This error occurs if the STRSEU command is configured as a monitored command.

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Performance Navigator

Version: 19.2 D

August 3, 2022

  • No changes for this release.

Robot Console

Version 7.09

August 1, 2022

  • USRDFN resource program added to check job resource with actual job statuses. For more information, see RBTCONLIB/RBCUDSRC member (UDR_INSTRU).

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with message reports missing information when copying and pasting.

Robot Network

Version 13.04

August 1, 2022

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with RBNOVRHOST failing when node is in iASP.

  • *Ovr.txt files now gathered with RSLGETLOGS.

Robot Schedule

Version 13.14

August 1, 2022

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with jobs reporting abnormal completion when they completed normally.

Robot Schedule Enterprise

Version 3.02

August 1, 2022

  • AdoptOpenJDK vendor and any Java that conforms to OPENJDK standards are now allowed.

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with error connecting to GUI when Schedule is in an iASP.

  • Ports 8470-8476 can now be restricted.

  • Fixed issue with RE1097M2 receiving MCH3601 error after converting to Schedule Enterprise 3.

Robot Space

Version 3.50

August 1, 2022

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with error MCH1210 'Receiver value too small' when running a collection.

  • Fixed issue with corrupted GUI screen.

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Showcase 9

Version: Server Install

August 8, 2022

  • Log4j has been updated to version 2.17.1.

  • IBM i 7.5 support added.


This server version is compatible with the Showcase client version

Version: Client Patch

August 8, 2022

  • Log4j has been updated to version 2.17.1.

  • Java has been updated to version 1.8.

The following patch updates are also included: Client Patch (June 2019)

  • An issue editing column headings in the Report Writer that was introduced on Windows 10 with updates has been fixed. Client Patch (April 2019)

  • Windows Server 2016 support added.
  • Copy paste from Showcase Query (using Ctrl-C) to either Excel or iSeries screen adds a question mark '?' in front of the data. Client Patch (March 2018)

  • There is a new configuration option where the Showcase 9 server can be setup to reject requests from down level Client version. This is a new feature in the server build and client build. An entry can be added to the configuration file, showcase.cfg, on the server, that would only accept connections from Showcase or higher Client versions. Client Patch (December 2017)

  • Error when connecting to Query using the patch with JDE World A 9.3 when an invalid Environment is selected.
  • Issue resolved when saving query results to Text-Unicode the BOM marker was missing. Client Patch (March 22, 2016)

  • Issue resolved where query client crashed when results were saved to Excel 4.0 if there were zero rows.
  • Unicode Byte Order Marker (BOM) now included when saving results to CSV-Unicode format, ensuring proper translation of double-byte character sets when opening in Excel. Client Patch (August 5, 2015)

  • The default JDE Environment is always the last one in the list presented to EnterpriseOne users in Query. It has been changed to default to the most recent Environment selected.
  • The Query client timeout value set in Warehouse Manager (Resource Settings) now works for times more than 59 minutes. Client Patch (January 6, 2015)

  • Showcase Addin for Excel:
    • Using VBA scripts to refresh queries failed after upgrading Client to or
    • Using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and paste data from a query to Excel, generated an error similar to “Showcase Query The item, Data.R1C1:R3C1637348, does not match the Query application.” Client Patch (November 19, 2014)

  • When editing the SQL of a Warehouse Builder Definition, the user selects Source\Query Editor and making valid changes to the SQL, clicking OK gives ‘X Encountered an improper argument’.
  • Queries with SQLServer data source are crashing or locking up Showcase Query client when the DBQ was created in a version of Showcase prior to version 8.0 (missing database owner name, which was not required in older versions), or if the Collection/Database name have changed (i.e. from lower case to mixed case).
  • Users open and run multiple queries against JDE data at a time. If they open and run a query, then immediately open another one, they get an error similar to ‘Column <”GLDCT01”> is not found in table’ specifying a UDC column.
  • Java Heap memory error when saving Query results to Excel 8.0 or 12.0 when the result set is very large (in excess of 300,000 rows and 160 columns). This requires setting the Java heap size on the client. Client Patch (July 16, 2014)

  • Support added for SQL Server 2012. See the document, SQL Server Fix for Showcase 9.3 for details. Client Patch (June 17, 2014)

  • Support for Roles added to JD Edwards World A9.3 (requires Server Patch).
  • Query title is truncated to 31 characters when printing. Introduced in 9.1. Client Patch (April 16, 2014)

  • One Showcase registry key value refers to IBM – corrected to remove that name.
  • On Windows7 64-bit PC’s, after printing to XPS or PDF output, Excel may hang when adding Showcase Query references.
  • Date format was incorrect when saving Query results to XLSX. Client Patch (February 11, 2014)

  • JDE OneWorld or EnterpriseOne environments using Showcase with non-iSeries JDE profiles had batch jobs fail with SQL error, ‘Column “ XXXXXX” not in specified tables’.
  • The Warehouse Builder SET fails with a non DB2 datasource (SQL Server) with error, “An error was returned from the SQL CLI procedure SQLConnect. The SQL state is: HY000. The native error code is: 0. The message text is Unknown error attempting to access server SCVD02:43419: null..”
  • Enterprise Server log shows passwords in plain text
  • On Windows7 64-bit the File \ Send Mail option is missing from Query. The code was rewritten so that both Query and Report Writer will check for the presence of MAPI configuration in the Windows registry. If it can’t find that, it looks in the win.ini for MAPI settings. Finding either of these will cause the Send Mail option to be displayed.
  • Support for Windows 8.1 added. Client Patch (December 17, 2013)

  • In version 9.1, every time a BATCHQUERY job is run, a QPRINT output file, with “Error opening debug file” in the text, gets created.
  • Pass the IP address for submitted jobs to the Showcase exit point program.
  • Batch query fails with an error similar to ‘The batch job failed due to a SQL error’. This same query will run fine interactively. The QSQSRVR job log attached shows an error, “Library not found.” Client Patch (November 18, 2013)

  • Windows 8 Support.
  • Passwords in the scserver.log file will be encrypted. Client Patch (August 19, 2013)

  • Improved query performance when running the same query simultaneously over large files (million plus records).
  • Saving query results to Excel with more than one million rows gives error: Excel found unreadable content in ‘file1.xlsx’.
  • DBQs created in for SQLServer datasource which were created without OWNER name, now do not open in
  • Report Writer doesn’t display the number of Most Recently Used (MRU) files that is configured in the Tools \ Options settings. It will not display any more than 4 previously open files regardless of what is configured for the number of files to display.
  • Removed nuisance message when creating Data Views (Server patch required).

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Titus Classification Suite for Windows

Version 2021.4 HF1

August 31, 2022

  • Entrust S/MIME action does not work properly when opening/sending message previously saved in Drafts

  • Update .config references to allow use of Log4Net 2.0.14 as used by Titus Data Detection Engine 2022.0

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