Monthly Release Notes - August 2022

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Automate Desktop and Automate Plus/Ultimate

Version 11.7.0

August 5, 2022

  • Before installing Automate Desktop or Automate Plus/Ultimate 11.7.0, confirm your version of Windows is compatible with .NET Framework 4.8. See .NET Framework System Requirements for more information.
  • As of version 11.7.0, Automate Plus/Ultimate is only available as a 64-bit installer. However, Agents can still be installed on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

New Features
  • FTP Action Enhancements
    • Automate Desktop and Automate Plus/Ultimate.

    • Added the ability to adjust SFTP pipeline length, block transfers, and upload/download block size.

    • Added the ability to suppress additional operations for SFTP transfers.

  • JSON Object Action Enhancements

    • Automate Desktop and Automate Plus/Ultimate.

    • Added new activities to expand support for JSON-related automation (Add field, Add to, Create, Delete field, Delete from, Get size, Get values, Set values, and To text).

    • Resolved numerous issues related to the JSON (Decode) activity.

  • OCR Action Enhancements

    • Automate Desktop and Automate Plus/Ultimate.

    • Added support for the Turkish language for all OCR activities.

  • Web Browser Action Enhancements

    • Added support for Internet Explorer (IE) mode for the Microsoft Edge browser.

    • Added the ability to load extensions for Chromium-based browsers.

    • Added the ability to inject JavaScript into a web page by way of the Inject JavaScript activity.

    • The Web Browser action now keeps the current web driver if it cannot download an updated version.

  • Added support for Windows 11.

  • Task performance has been improved in Automate Enterprise.

  • Access to the Automate Enterprise communication definitions has been removed.

  • The Automate Enterprise Process Agent now supports Java 11.0 or later.

  • When the previous task in a workflow is run on an Agent Group, the next task's "Previous" agent now works as expected.

  • The Database (SQL query) and (Stored procedure) activities now provide the option to include milliseconds in query results for DateTime dataset values.

  • The File System (Move) activity's Source and Destination parameters now support over 260 characters.

  • The File System Trigger now restarts if file triggering is manually turned off, and then back on, or if a task is manually ended using the Running Task dialog box.

  • The OCR action no longer displays an error while using the Tesseract engine.

  • The Text (Replace) activity now honors regex expressions in the "Replace with" parameter.

  • The Web Browser (Open) activity now returns the web page's code while using view-source.

  • The Web Browser (Select list item(s)) and (Select menu item) activities no longer display an error if a variable is used in the session name.

  • The Web Browser action has been updated to improve performance with clicking on and extracting page elements.

  • The IF (Contains text) activity no longer fails and displays an error when the "\Q" escape sequence is used.

  • The HTTP action no longer fails to connect to LinkedIn while using OAuth 2.0 authentication.

  • The FTP (Logon) activity no longer displays an error while trying to connect to an FTP server using a private key file.

  • The FTP log file now includes a list of all uploaded files if the file path includes a wildcard.

  • The FTP action no longer fails to connect while using SFTP Auto or Custom ciphers.

  • The OnTaskFailure event now executes when the Task (Stop) activity contains numeric values.

  • The Task (Start subtask) activity now continues past an On Error step if the subtask fails.

  • The HTTP action's "Authentication type" parameter now displays all available types, based on the HTTP activity being used.

  • The PowerShell action no longer displays an error message if PowerShell 2.0 or later is installed.

  • The Input (Send keystrokes) activity’s help page has been updated to explain case sensitivity in more detail.

  • The Expression Builder is now accessible from the PDF (Set fields) activity's AcroForm parameter.

  • The RowsAffected dataset field is now populated when using SQL queries.

  • Workflows containing a web browser session will no longer close a web browser window unless the Web Browser (Close) activity is included in the task.

  • The PDF (Get attachment(s)) activity now retains the value entered in the “Destination” parameter when updating from Automate 10 to Automate Desktop 11.

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Boldon James

HelpSystems Data Classification Reporting Server

Version 2.0

Aug 5, 2022

New Features
  • Updated product name to HelpSystems Data Classification Reporting Server to reflect that multiple product lines can use this product, for example, Boldon James and Titus.

  • Updated Reporting Server user interface to provide a new modern look-and-feel that is consistent with other HelpSystems products.

  • Added support for SQL Server encrypted connections using SSL/TLS Certificates.

  • Added support for .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0 and ASP.Net Core Runtime 6.0-Hosting Bundle.

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Performance Navigator

Version: 19.2 D

Aug 3, 2022

  • No changes for this release.

Robot Console

Version 7.09

Aug 1, 2022

  • USRDFN resource program added to check job resource with actual job statuses. For more information, see RBTCONLIB/RBCUDSRC member (UDR_INSTRU).

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with message reports missing information when copying and pasting.

Robot Network

Version 13.04

Aug 1, 2022

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with RBNOVRHOST failing when node is in iASP.

  • *Ovr.txt files now gathered with RSLGETLOGS.

Robot Schedule

Version 13.14

Aug 1, 2022

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with jobs reporting abnormal completion when they completed normally.

Robot Schedule Enterprise

Version 3.02

Aug 1, 2022

  • AdoptOpenJDK vendor and any Java that conforms to OPENJDK standards are now allowed.

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with error connecting to GUI when Schedule is in an iASP.

  • Ports 8470-8476 can now be restricted.

  • Fixed issue with RE1097M2 receiving MCH3601 error after converting to Schedule Enterprise 3.

Robot Space

Version 3.50

Aug 1, 2022

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with error MCH1210 'Receiver value too small' when running a collection.

  • Fixed issue with corrupted GUI screen.

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