Automate Schedule

NOTE: Automate Schedule was formerly called Skybot Scheduler.

January 2022

Version 4.5.1

January 6, 2022

IMPORTANT: When updating to Automate Schedule version 4.4.1 or later, it is recommended you manually update your scripts to ensure proper connectivity to Automate Schedule web services. See Running the Automate Schedule Web Service for more information.

  • Universal Connector version 1.3.4
    • The Apache Log4j JNDI vulnerability has been addressed by updating to 2.17.0.

July 2020

Version 4.5.1

July 7, 2020

  • Upgraded Apache Tomcat to 7.0.104 to enhance security and performance.
  • Upgraded to OpenJDK Java 11.0.7 to enhance security and performance.
  • Universal Connector version 1.3.3
    • Upgraded Apache Tomcat to 8.5.55 to enhance security and performance.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a new job using the web service jobservice script and an XML file results in the command being incomplete.
  • Fixed an issue where LDAP lookup fails if the Active Directory server is restricted to use TLS 1.1 or higher.
  • Fixed an issue where IBMi job logs were not being appended to the Automate Schedule job log.
  • The SAP NetWeaver System Definition Where Used feature now shows the correct number of System Environments, ABAP Step Sets, Run Intercepted Jobs, Command Sets, Jobs, and Member Jobs in use, including SAP NetWeaver Job, Process Chain, Event, and Variant commands.

March 2020

Version 4.5

March 17, 2020

  • High Availability (HA) has been enhanced to allow automated switchovers in the event the Automate Schedule server experiences unscheduled downtime.
  • High Availability configurations are now visible in the Getting Started section of the Home Page.
  • Oracle EBS Concurrent Request commands now accept environment variables in the Value column of Parameters.
  • Fixed an issue where a large Job Suite would hang when attempting to view or edit it.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple system messages could not be acknowledged all at once.
  • Fixed an issue where MSSQL commands would not run.
  • Fixed an issue with Job Suite History where the Member Job History associated with the Job Suite History was not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where column sorting for Member Jobs was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where a job with a Private Command Set and non-Standard Return Code could not be edited or deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where Active Directory groups could not log in.
  • Fixed an issue where jobs with attached conditions did not work.
  • Fixed an issue with creating a role after configuring LDAP Authentication with User Authorization.
  • Fixed an issue where a user's email address was not updated after logging in by the way of LDAP Authentication and User Authorization.

  • Fixed an issue where installing or updating an agent on SunOS would fail.

October 2019

Version 4.4.1
New Features
  • Agent Tiers have been consolidated into two tiers to simplify product licensing across multiple operating systems.
  • Upgraded Ruby on Rails to version 5.2 to enhance security and performance.
  • Upgraded JRuby to version to enhance security and performance.
  • Upgraded the PostgreSQL database to the 64-bit version 10.6 to enhance security and performance.
  • Upgraded Apache Tomcat to 7.0.92 to enhance security and performance.
  • Upgraded to OpenJDK Java 11 to enhance security and performance.
    NOTE: Windows Server 2008 R2 will continue to use Java 8.
  • Fixed a vulnerability to prevent Reflected XSS attacks.
  • Fixed a vulnerability to prevent SQL Injection attacks.

July 2019

Version 4.4
New Features
  • Universal Connector Command Parameters now support environment variables.
  • The Windows masterToStandby and standbyToMaster processes now provide the option to ignore the warning message that appears when the database service must be stopped manually. Choosing this option will allow the process to continue.
  • Automate Schedule Agents and Servers now support explicitly specifying which TLS protocols are enabled.
  • The SAP Interface now supports an SAP status of 'S' for steps in Process Chains.
  • The Linux installation scripts for Universal Connector now support installing into a user's home directory, in addition to the default /opt/universalconnector directory.
  • The Linux installation scripts for Automate Schedule now support installing into a user's home directory when there is no entry for the user in the /etc/passwd file.
  • The Infor M3BE Universal Connector Interface now includes a new Template which supports passing a Schedule Date when submitting a job.

October 2018

Version 4.3.1
New Features
  • Added a progress bar to the job instance records on the Job History page. The progress bar will show a percentage completed for jobs based on estimated run times.
  • Added Estimated Completion Time to the job instance records on the Job History page.
  • Added the option to include the Universal Connector log in the Automate Schedule Job Log.
  • Added support for SQL Server 2017 to the SQL Server Job commands.

  • Added support for Suse Linux Enterprise 15.
  • Added support for CentOS 6 and CentOS 7.
  • Added the content type 'text/xml;charset=utf-8' to the Universal Connector Extract Value action.
  • Replication status queries now have correct column names and work correctly after a database migration.
  • FTPS file transfer runs as expected when the server is set up with option 'Require TLS session resumption on data connection when using PROT P'.
  • SFTP commands have been fixed and work as expected.
  • Added ability for SAP process chain names to begin with a number.
  • Fixed error message when posting a job without target/target_name.


July 2018

Version 4.3
New Features
  • Automate Schedule Ops Console for Insite
    • Added capabilities to create the following Dashboard Widgets for Automate Schedule in Insite:
      • Completed Jobs
      • Current Status
      • Ended Jobs
      • Job Activity Summary
      • Job Exception Summary
      • Missed Jobs
      • Pending Messages
      • Started Jobs
      • Submitted Jobs
      • Terminated Jobs
      • Today's Failed Jobs
    • Secure Insite access to Automate Schedule servers

    • Added scripts and create-db-user.exe to the Automate Schedule server. Running these scripts allows the user to configure a read-only user that Insite can use to access Automate Schedule’s database.

  • Infrastructure upgrade
    • Windows server and agent have been upgraded to run on 64-bit Java for improved security, increased performance, and new features.
      NOTE: The Automate Schedule server will no longer install on 32-bit Windows operating systems. A 32-bit Windows agent installer has been included on the Automate Schedule download page, and can only be used on 32-bit Windows operating systems, as well as Windows operating systems older than Windows 6.1 (Windows 7 and Windows 2008). 32-bit agents can no longer be updated from the product's user interface.
  • Downloading a Job Log while a job is running will work as expected.

May 2018

Version 4.2.3

Upgraded the internal database to version 10.3 of Postgresql for Microsoft Windows and Linux x64.

NOTE: Users should make a backup copy of their database for safety before upgrading. Users should have three times the size of their pgsql/data directory of free disk space while upgrading to ensure a successful update.

April 2018

Version 4.2.2
  • Added SQL Server 2014 to SQL Server job command.
Other Updates
  • Fixed OutOfMemoryException when editing job suite member jobs.
  • Fixed issue with mastertostandby when the password has a special character.
  • Fixed mastertostandby loading issue.
  • Fixed web services code to work with Informatica PowerCenter versions 10.1.1 and 10.2.
  • Converted SAP job definition ABAP print parameter retention period range to 1-9.
  • IBMi Agent Event Monitor file threshold works as expected.
  • General code updates.

December 2017

Version 4.2.1
New Features
  • Universal Connector version 1.2.1
    • Added the following interfaces:
      • JIRA

      • VMware vSphere Web Service

      • VMware vSphere Automation

      • VMware vCloud Suite

      • VMware vCloud

        NOTE: The VMware vSphere Web Service, VMware vSphere Automation, and VMware vCloud Suite interfaces work with vCenter servers, not directly with ESXi.
  • Added the ability to copy a template in an interface.

  • Added Base64 action in the action tree for creating a template.

  • Upgraded to Tomcat Webserver 7.0.82 to enhance security and performance.

  • Upgraded to Java 1.8.0_152 for systems that support it to enhance security and performance.

Other Updates
  • Cron import will import cron tab file even if it is not left justified now.

  • Fixed daily interval job imports related to an invalid date format.

  • Fixed job suite member jobs positioning.

  • Added the ability to import and export job queues.

October 2017

Version 4.2
  • Universal Connector batch run will now terminate if the Automate Schedule job is cancelled.
  • Users can now enable and disable Universal Connector interfaces.
  • Upgrades to the Universal Connector user interface.
    • Simplified the Universal Connector server setup in System Settings so there is now only one server.
    • Enhanced the top navigation menu.
    • Simplified Universal Connector BIF for editing jobs, suite members, and command sets.
    • Enhanced the security for Universal Connector.
  • User can create and edit Universal Connector interfaces.
    • Added a popup functionality to edit interfaces.
    • Added the ability to edit shared variables and general information.
    • Added the ability to create and edit templates within interfaces.
    • Added the ability to edit actions and input parameters within templates.
    • Implemented a drag and drop feature so an action tree can be formed in a template.
  • Universal Connector version 1.2.0
    • Added the ability to terminate a Universal Connector batch run.

    • Added functionality to backup and restore the Universal Connector database to MS Windows and Linux servers.

    • Added new images to the installer.

  • Other Fixes
    • info cloud - *nix - JAVA_HOME is now set when running so that the BIF will run properly.

    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 is no longer installed.
    • Cron import now runs properly even if cron file does not have a blank line before commands.

    • Fixed an MIB file.

September 2017

Version 4.1.2
  • The Universal Connector import file for Infor M3 has been updated to fix authentication issues.

June 2017

Version 4.1.1
  • Minor updates were made to the installer, demo data on Linux, and shared variables.

  • Universal Connector version 1.1.1

    • The Universal Connector has two new interfaces. An Infor M3 interface was added that can submit and monitor externally scheduled jobs to completion. A Jenkins interface was added that allows you to start and monitor builds on Jenkins.

May 2017

Version 4.1
  • Job purging: A new ‘Days to Keep’ option was added to the job purging settings. When automatic purging of job and job suite history is enabled, you can set the number of days to keep the history before it’s purged. You can set this globally under the System Settings (under Job Defaults), or for an individual job or job suite (under Job History Purge).
  • Oracle Concurrent Request print options: Print options were added to the Oracle Concurrent Request command builder. You can choose the printer that the output should be sent to, the number of copies to be printed, the print style used for the output (this depends on your system and printer setup), and the print language.
  • SQL Server integration: The integration with Microsoft SQL Server has been enhanced as follows:
    • When using the SQL Server Job command builder in Automate Schedule, you can specify a specific SQL Server (from a cluster) that you want the command to run on.
    • Automate Schedule can be configured so that its agents and jobs work in a SQL Server cluster failover environment.
  • Automate system types: The system types that are available when you’re creating an Automate system definition have been updated. Besides Automate 10 and Automate BPA Server, you can now select Automate 11 or Automate Enterprise Server.
  • Universal Connector 1.1 enhancements: The Universal Connector now supports the following the following Amazon web services: Amazon EC2, Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS), AWS Lambda, and AWS S3.
  • The installer was enhanced so that when updating from Skybot Scheduler to Automate Schedule, on a system where Skybot was not installed into the default directory, the original install path is retained in the update.
  • Support for additional SFTP ciphers was added to prevent a file transfer failure with the following error: “Could not login into SFTP server, cause:Algorithm negotiation fail.”

March 2017

Version 4.0
  • Automate Schedule is the new name for Skybot Scheduler, and it's been moved into the Automate suite of products. The existing Skybot Scheduler features and functionality are the same, only the name has changed.
  • A new universal connector (UC) was added that is used to integrate with other systems, such as Amazon Web Services. A UC server that you define is used to control and administer the third party components (called “interfaces”). The following web services can be used with the Automate Schedule universal connector: Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS OpsWorks Stacks, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, and AWS CodePipeline.


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