Automate Schedule Ops Console for Insite

  • The currently shipping version of HelpSystems Insite is 3.08.
  • There are no updates for historical releases unless specifically listed.

June 2020

Version 1.0.9

No updates for this release.

July 2019

Version 1.0.6
NOTE: Requires Automate Schedule 4.4 or higher.
New Features
  • The following pages have been added to Insite to provide job and server-related information for Automate Schedule:
    • Job History - Displays instant information regarding all jobs that are currently running or completed.
      • Job History Details - Displays all of the attributes for a job history record.
      • Job Log - Displays a log that contains the commands that were run on the agent and the output captured.
      • Job Commands - Shows all available commands of a job.
      • Restart Job - Restarts jobs that previously ended with a Failed, Canceled, or Error status.
    • Job Monitor History - Displays a history of job monitors for review and troubleshooting purposes.
    • System Messages - Provides the ability to view and / or manage messages generated by the Automate Schedule server.
    • Preferences - Provides the ability to select a default Automate Schedule server and indicate how often results will be refreshed.

October 2018

Version 1.0.1
  • Fixed the wording on an error message within the Automate Schedule Preferences page.

July 2018

Version 1.0.0
  • Automate Schedule Ops Console dashboard widgets have been added to Insite. The following Automate Schedule Ops Console assets can be added to dashboards in Insite 2.4 and later:
    • Completed Jobs
    • Current Status
    • Ended Jobs
    • Job Activity Summary
    • Job Exception Summary
    • Missed Jobs
    • Pending Messages
    • Started Jobs
    • Submitted Jobs
    • Terminated Jobs
    • Today's Failed Jobs



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