Vityl IT & Business Monitoring for Insite

  • The currently shipping version of HelpSystems Insite is 3.08.
  • No updates for historical releases unless specifically listed.

June 2020

Version 1.1.12

No updates for this release.

January 2019

Version 1.1.6
  • Fixed an issue with certain combinations of data impeding graphic visualization in dashboards.
  • Dashboard performance has been improved.
  • There was an issue where not all assets in a Server Business Application element where detected, but this has now been fixed.
  • A 'No Connection ' message has been added to the Vityl IT & Business Monitoring home screen when no connections are present.

October 2018

Version 1.1.4
  • An issues list widget has been added to the Filtered Search asset within Vityl IT & Business Monitoring.
  • CAS-0010106197 - The performance of the widget asset list load within Vityl IT & Business Monitoring/PTEM has been improved.
  • Permission control has been added for Vityl IT and Business Monitoring.

March 2018

Version 1.0
  • Includes Dashboard support for Alignia Monitoring Room. See Dashboards in the Alignia Monitoring Room User Guide.


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