Robot Network for Insite

  • The currently shipping version of HelpSystems Insite is 3.08.
  • There are no updates for historical releases unless specifically listed.

June 2020

Version 1.17.12

No updates for this release.

April 2018

Version 1.17
  • The expand and collapse buttons are now working correctly in My Network.
  • Selecting to view the Status Center for a Node Group now functions correctly.
  • Display issue when Ouput Queue is selected within the Host Setup Report has been fixed.
  • Default filter now working correctly in Preferences.

March 2018

Version 1.16
  • Dashboards and widgets have been enhanced to allow for greater flexibility in the creation and layout of the visual representation of your business data.
  • The forms within Insite have been redesigned to be more visual pleasing and to enable you to accomplish your tasks faster.

August 2016

Version 1.07
  • The preferences specific to Robot Network have been moved so they’re now under the Robot Network menu (Robot Network > Preferences) instead of being under Server Settings (Server Settings > User Settings > Preferences).

Version 1.04

These release notes apply to the Robot Network web interface. New features of the web version include the following:

  • Host and node properties can now be configured through the Robot Network web interface
  • Product security and licensing can now be administered through the Robot Network web interface
  • A home page has been added. It provides you with a useful summary overview of the Robot Network product
  • There have been several enhancements to the dashboards:
    • The dashboards have been moved from under the Robot Network menu to under the Robot menu on the main sidebar. If you have Robot Schedule installed on the HelpSystems Web Server, you’ll find that the dashboards for Robot Schedule and Robot Network have been consolidated. Widgets from both products can be added to any dashboard
    • A guest login has been added. It allows you to set up dashboards that are accessible to users who wouldn’t otherwise have access to Robot Network
    • Ranges have been added to graphs in the widgets. The line shows the daily average, and the shading shows the minimum and maximum ranges for the day
    • A new drilldown feature has been added to several of the widgets. You can click on a range or line in a graph to drilldown to the values for that time period
  • You can now navigate directly from a performance status (which you can access from the Status Center or from a widget in the Dashboards) into the performance details for a specific time, which allows for easy diagnostics of performance-related issues. The performance metric that generated the status is now highlighted
  • A new system information view for nodes has been added to the My Network page. The system information view shows the current view of the overall operations status. A system information widget has also been added. It shows the same information as the System Information page
  • Reports have been added to the Robot Network web interface. You can now generate reports to summarize your metrics, network setup, and activity history. You can generate both regular and consolidated reports from the Reports page


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