Webdocs for IBM i for Insite

  • The currently shipping version of HelpSystems Insite is 3.08.
  • There are no updates for historical releases unless specifically listed.

July 2018

Version 1.6.3

No updates for this release.

March 2018

Version 1.5
  • Dashboards and widgets have been enhanced to allow for greater flexibility in the creation and layout of the visual representation of your business data.
  • The forms within Insite have been redesigned to be more visual pleasing and to enable you to accomplish your tasks faster.

June 2017

Version 1.0


  • Core Webdocs functionality has been added to the Insite Framework including:
    • Document Viewing
    • Document Routing
    • Document Notation
    • Search
    • Inbox


  • Using LDAP authentication from Webdocs now uses secure LDAP.
  • Fixed problem where alert message pop ups were not working on required fields

  • Fixed problem of not being able to click on columns to sort if coming from a search URL.


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