Password Self Help

March 2017

Version 3.002
Insite Dashboard Widgets

The Dashboard on the HelpSystems Insite Web Browser Interface can now be configured to display important information about the general status of Password Self Help. It can also help you keep an eye on registered users, login attempts, and other Password Self Help data. The following Insite Dashboard Widgets have been added:

  • Operation Status: Indicates important information about system profiles and Password Self Help users.
  • Registered Users: Indicates the number of users who are fully registered, partially registered, and not registered.
  • Users with Unanswered Questions: Indicates the number of registered users who have not answered the required number of security questions.
  • Reset Attempts: Indicates the number of successful and failed password reset attempts.
  • Users Disabled by Failed Resets: Indicates the number of users that have been disabled due to failed reset attempts.
  • Reset Attempts by User: Lists users with failed password reset attempts, along with the number of each user's failed and successful reset attempts.
New Commands
  • The command DSBPSHPRF has been added, which sets the profile to DISABLED within Password Self Help.
  • The command ENBPSHPRF has been added, which sets the profile in ENABLED within Password Self Help.
  • The command CLNUPPSHPR has been added, which removes unwanted profiles (those not physically existing on the system) from Password Self Help.
  • The command DSPPSHPRF has been added, which returns information about users. It lists the users that are registered in Password Self Help, what language they are registered to, how many questions are required, and how many they have answered. It also lists each profile's status and the number of questions assigned to each profile. It can be used to show which users have not completed registration. The command can create an outfile or display to the screen.
  • The command CPYPSHCNFG has been added, which allows you to copy the Password Self Help configuration, including questions if desired.
Bug Fixes and Usability/Security Improvements

Password Self Help 3.002 includes many fixes and small improvements to general usability and security.

  • During password reset, if the password entered is not compatible with your IBM i system's password requirements, help text is available that lists definitions of the error codes.
  • Security of self-enrollment has been enhanced.
  • A repeating character issue has been resolved for right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic.
  • If the number of enabled Password Self Help users exceeds the number of licenses, a message is sent upon the following:
    • When ALERTSH signs on.
    • On reset attempt via Insite web UI.
    • When running the RTVPRFSH command.
  • A warning of an expired license is now listed on the report when running RTVPSFSH.
  • A message now appears during password reset when the number of enabled users exceeds the number of licensed users.
  • Answers can now be configured from right to left during registration for Hebrew, Arabic, and other right-to-left languages.
  • On the green screen, if Help and Bulletin text both exist, both Help and Bulletin text are displayed during registration. If no text has been entered, an extra screen no longer appears.

October 2016

Version 3.001