HelpSystems Insite

NOTE: The currently shipping version of HelpSystems Insite is 3.08.

June 2023

Version 3.08

June 20, 2023

  • Admin User can now be removed from Insite after successful installation.

  • Updated to Apache Tomcat 9.

  • Fixed issue with Insite sending errors to Windows Event Log.

  • Updated Apache Common Text to resolve CVE-2022-42889 vulnerability.

May 2022

Version 3.07

May 3, 2022

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Updated to jQuery 3.5.0 to resolve vulnerabilities

  • Updated to handlebars 4.7.7 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with certificate expiration.

  • Openssl version 1.0.2n replaced with version 1.1.1n.

  • Corrupted toml config files are repaired upon upgrade.

December 2021

Version 3.06

December 21, 2021

  • Updated to log4j 2.17 to resolve vulnerabilities.

Version 3.05.03

December 14, 2021

  • Resolved Log4j2 CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability.

  • Improved performance.

  • Fixed issue with Robot Report not saving to PC due to invalid characters in name.

December 2020

Version 3.05.01

December 17, 2020

  • Fixed issue with "Widget height too small. Please Adjust." error on dashboards.

  • Fixed issue with links in title widgets not opening when clicked.

  • Fixed issue with creation of new title widget that links to another dashboard.

November 2020

Version 3.05

November 16, 2020

New Features
  • Advanced Searching feature is now available for PTAV.

  • Each asset or data series in a widget chart can now be individualized using monochromatic and polychromatic color scales.

  • Enhanced internal certificate.

  • Changed the terms "whitelist" and "blacklist" to "allow" and "block".

  • Removed "Note" field from Password Self Help User Setup.

  • Fixed issue with column names overlapping on widget preview.

Components in Insite

June 2020

Version 3.04

June 4, 2020

  • Improved Logging.
  • Various Event Manager assets can now be created and viewed as Key Indicator widgets.

  • Event Manager now shows Security Controls Overview.

  • Fixed issue with Key Indicator value not showing correctly in Password Self Help Reset Attempts widget.

  • Fixed issue with Deployment Manager receiving license error when using sudo user.
  • Insite Watch List now correctly shows systems in Edit Request regardless of the timezone.

Components in Insite
New to Insite

March 2020

Version 3.03

March 30, 2020

New Features
  • Global dashboard filters give the ability to adjust widget filters for an entire product without editing individual widget properties.
  • Auto Login provides a method to access Insite from non-interactive computers.
  • Robot Network Dynamic Dashboards are now available.
  • Additional Robot Network dashboard assets now support filtering.
  • Some Robot Schedule dashboard assets now support filtering.
  • Some Automate Enterprise dashboard assets now support filtering.
  • Various Robot Schedule and Robot Network assets can now be created and viewed as Key Indicator widgets.
  • ELA licenses are now sorted alphabetically in Deployment Manager.
  • Fixed issue with Insite not showing silo data when Powertech silo mode is set to 3.
  • Fixed issue with Deployment Manager Home page not returning results.
  • Fixed issue with Network Security not showing transaction counts.
  • Fixed issue with primary and secondary axis reversal in graphs.
Components in Insite

December 2019

Version 3.02
New Features
  • Dynamic Dashboards give you the ability to quickly create a single product dashboard with predefined widgets.
  • Insite Deployment Manager can now maintain Powertech Antivirus Endpoints installed on *NIX servers.
  • Some Robot Network dashboard assets now support filtering

  • Various Robot Network assets can now be created and viewed as Key Indicator widgets
  • Widget Advanced Settings are now organized into Setting Tabs in order to easily identify and change widget options
  • Fixed issues with install and update process

  • Insite no longer supports CentOS 6.
  • Fixed issue with Password Self Help Answers not showing in User Setup.
Components in Insite

July 2019

Version 3.01
  • The ability to group widgets together has been added to the dashboards.

  • Dashboard color themes are now available at the dashboard level and for individual widgets.

  • IBM i product connections can now be created by importing the details from a CSV file.

  • Multiple IBM i product connections can be edited at the same time.

  • When sorting by product on the Products page, both products and product connections are sorted together alphabetically.

  • Insite now runs in TomCat 9.

  • Insite now connects to the database with a secure connection.

  • Automate Schedule completed jobs information now accurately shows in chart widgets.

  • Improved error reporting.

  • Improved licensing for products in an iASP, including the addition of the Asp group name on the Manage Product License panel.

  • Title widget now shows the advanced options in Internet Explorer.

  • The Windows installer for Insite no longer requires internet access.

  • A role will now show the correct security group for that role.

  • Insite can now be installed in directories with a special character in the name.

  • The 'Select All' function on the Products page has been fixed so that it does not select objects that should not be selected.

  • The program folder permissions have been improved so that the install directories are now secured.

  • Fixed an issue with Linux installs failing on Ubuntu 18.04.

  • Insite now runs in a JVM even if the locale of the computer is not English.

Components in Insite
New to Insite

March 2019

Version 3.00
New Features
  • Includes Powertech Antivirus.

  • Insite Integration Services - HelpSystems Insite 3.0 introduces a number of changes that improve data flow and security within and outside of Insite. Insite Integration Services accomplishing this by providing out of the box secure communication channels using TLS certificates for the following products:

    • HelpSystems Insite services
    • Powertech Antivirus

    In addition, important usability changes in Insite introduced with Insite Integration Services:

    • Multiple System installation - Installation has been updated and improved to allow you to install Insite on two separate servers if desired. Because of the expanded footprint of Insite with the addition of Insite Integration Services, installing on separate servers will improve performance and allow for scalability in an enterprise level environment.
    • System Requirements - The minimum hardware requirements have been changed to the following:
      • For Insite 3.00 NOT using Powertech Antivirus (PTAV):
        • 8 GB RAM
        • 10 GB free space
        • 4 CPU
      • For Insite 3.00 using PTAV with up to 500 PTAV connections:
        • 16 GB RAM
        • 50 GB free space
        • 4 CPU
      • For Insite 3.00 using PTAV with up to 1000 PTAV connections:
        • 16 GB RAM
        • 50 GB free space
        • 8 CPU
        • System is dedicated to Insite (not shared with other server apps)
    • Product Instances - The Products page lists all products that are connected to your installation of HelpSystems Insite. The list is made up of two types of objects: legacy Product Connections, which you can also view and edit on the Products page, and Product Instances, which are instances of Insite's new and more streamlined way to connect and communicate with an installed product. You cannot add a Product Instance, as they are added upon installation of compatible products, but you can view and edit properties and remove them. Be aware that within the Product Instance list you can add, edit, and remove legacy Product Connections as well.

    • Integration Service Administration - The Integration Service Administration page is only accessible to a user with Integration Service administrative permissions. It allows you to copy the API key, enable/disable the API key, and Regenerate the API key needed for TLS authentication.
  • The field 'Unit Label' has been taken out of the widget configuration panel for Health widgets because it is not applicable to those type of widgets.

  • Insite services will now automatically start after reboot on Linux and Power Linux servers.

  • Performance improvements have been implemented.

  • In dashboard widgets, changes to sorting were not being retained after changing other settings, but this has now been fixed.


February 2019

Version 2.8
New Features
  • Crypto Complete, Vityl IT & Business Monitoring, and GoAnywhere MFT status assets can now be created and viewed as Key Indicator widgets and can display values and icons as supported by the asset.

  • Fixed an issue with the 'Invalid Profile' dialog not displaying to the user when attempting to create a Crypto Complete widget without a profile assigned to the connection.

  • The Indicator selectbox within the Key Indicator widget now displays fully across the Add/Edit Widget panel.
  • There was an issue of customer systems in languages other than English not being able to start Insite due to a JAVA language default, but this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed print button issues in Robot Schedule when popups and redirects are blocked in the browser.
  • There was an issue in Deployment Manager with HSLOADMGR being updated on a daily basis, but this has now been fixed.
  • The wording has been clarified in the Data Collection toggle on the Diagnostics page.
  • There was an issue with names of dashboards being repeated on the edit panel when attempting to create a Title widget with a Dashboard type link, but this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some filter select boxes to be editable.
  • Fixed a loading issue that occurred in some scenarios when attempting to edit a Title widget.
  • Insite no longer supports SUSE Enterprise Linux 11 Server.


January 2019

Version 2.7
New Features
  • Users can now preview a dashboard widget as they create or edit it via the Widget Preview window that displays whenever adding or editing widgets on a dashboard.

  • Includes Dashboard Support for Intermapper.

  • Includes Insite Analytics 1.3
  • Users now have the option to opt in to a data collection effort in Insite that is presented upon initial login and can be modified from the Diagnostics page within Insite. There is no personal information collected. This function is specifically used to gather and analyze information from Insite usage to better understand customer needs and to improve future Insite experience.
  • Users now have the ability to add whitespace between widgets on a dashboard.

  • Dashboard loading performance has been improved.
  • Row Actions have been added to the Statuses dashboard widget for Robot Network.
  • Fixes for Network Security for Insite.
  • Fixes for Password Self Help for Insite.
  • Fixes for Vityl IT & Business Monitoring for Insite.
  • Some GUI improvements have been made to the Diagnostics page.

  • Some GUI improvements have been made to the Logging page.

  • There was an issue with the Preferences page not rendering correctly when using the Microsoft Edge browser, but this has now been fixed.

  • Fixed in issue where users where not being removed from the Default security group during certain re-assigning scenarios.

  • Fixed an issue where assigning a default profile to a product connection was not functioning correctly when using existing profiles.

  • The error message displayed when attempting to upload an image over 10MB into a Title widget has been improved.
  • There was an issue when translation failed and field names were displayed as the variable name, but now field names are displayed in English in this scenario when locale is something other than English.

  • There was an issue when users could not be deleted if they were listed as a shared user on a dashboard, but this has now been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where the All Users group was not functioning correctly with shared dashboards and dashboard edit rights.

  • Fixed an issue with case sensitivity when entering credentials in Insite when LDAP is not case sensitive.

  • Fixed an issue with iSeries profiles being disabled when the password changed.

  • String length validation has been added around parameter values in the Widget Properties panel.

  • There was an issue with the Logging Settings button becoming hidden when there were too many logs displayed on the Logging screen, but this has now been fixed.

  • Fixed an intermittent issue where Insite displayed a blank page after login.


November 2018

Version 2.6.1
  • Performance improvements have been implemented for Vityl IT & Business Monitoring.

October 2018

Version 2.6
New Features
  • An 'All Users' security group has been added that includes all of your Insite users. This group will be helpful when setting permissions and sharing objects throughout Insite and Insite modules.

  • 'Compare with Previous Period' functionality has been added to Chart and Key Indicator Dashboard Widgets. This enables users to see data from a past time period alongside the current time period to better understand the current data.

  • You can now insert links to existing dashboards or external URLs into Title Widgets in Advanced Settings so that clicking on the Title Widget link will take the user to a specific dashboard or location.

  • Includes Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication 1.3.2
  • Widget sizing increments have changed from 5% to 1% to allow for greater user control of widget sizes.

  • Robot Monitor has been added to Deployment Manager.

  • The Diagnostics and Logging page has been enhanced to provide greater usability.

  • Display masks have been added to date/time and duration fields within dashboard widgets.

  • There was an error that occurred when setting a shared dashboard as a homepage in Preferences, but this has now been fixed.
  • There was an issue with editing Edit Rights on dashboards while using the IE11 browser, but this has now been fixed.
  • The error message shown after attempting to view a widget after removing its connection has been corrected.
  • On the Add Product Connections panel, the Password label has been changed from User Password to Password.

Version 2.5
New Features
  • A Startup Wizard has been implemented that displays after a successful initial installation to guide you through HelpSystems Insite’s basic configuration steps.
  • Within a Query in Insite Analytics, a user can now specify up to 10 columns to be displayed in a table when the user chooses to drill down into that grouping.
  • Includes Insite Analytics 1.2
  • Webdocs for IBM i has been removed from Insite.
  • Connection security has been improved, which includes:
    • New library 'INSITELIB' will be added to all iSeries that Insite is connected to. Upon initial iSeries connection creation through the Startup Wizard or the Add Product Connections panel, you will be required to provide a *SECOFR login, but this login will not be saved. It will only serve to allow Insite to install the INSITELIB library. Two new users will be added as well:
      • INSITEUSR and INSITEADM - These users function similarly to how RBTADMIN, PTADMIN and RBTUSER, PTUSER behave upon installation of Robot and Powertech products. They are designed to own all connected product objects so that you are not required to create a profile in Insite with *SECOFR permissions to interact with your iSeries.
      • INSITELIB inherits permissions from RBTUSER and PTUSER.
    • NOTE: For Powertech Network Security users, in order to have *USER on the profile connection and use Powertech products, the profile with the connection MUST be added to the PTADMIN authorization list.
      NOTE: IBM i systems that will be connecting to your Insite Server must be at V7R2 or higher.
  • Query Builder no longer supports the joining of tables containing multi-field Primary Keys.
  • Enhanced Product Connection forms have been implemented.
  • Provided better alignment for displaying decimal data in Preview Pane.
  • The time periods 'This Year' and 'Past Year' have been added as available Time Range selections for Dashboards, Dashboard widgets, and PTEM Event Analysis.
  • Users can now override the default unit label of a key indicator widget by toggling on the 'custom' selection and entering their own label.
  • Within Insite Analytics, users can now choose which credentials to use to run a query.

  • Fixes for Password Self Help for Insite.
  • Fixes for Event Manager for Insite.
  • Fixes for Vityl IT & Business Monitoring for Insite.
  • Fixes for Automate Schedule for Insite.
  • Fixes for Network Security for Insite.
  • There was a lag after attempting to check a connection on the Product Connection page, but this has now been fixed.
  • A more user-friendly error page now displays when a user attempts to view the 'Insite Server Diagnostics' page without the necessary permissions.
  • Fixed an issue on the Product Connections page where footer information was not displayed correctly when there was more than 100 connections.
  • Fixed an issue with time range not displaying on widget header when fixed time range options have been set to This/Past year.
  • Performance improvements have been implemented when loading assets.
  • There was an issue with the 'guest' user showing up in the role and security group forms, but this has now been fixed.
  • There was an issue when backing up and restoring the database in a Linux environment after creating a data connection and query in Insite Analytics, but this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Automate Schedule queries and data connections were being displayed in the Insite Analytics homepage when Automate Schedule had not been selected for install.

  • Toggling 'Allow Guest Login' to On within Authentication and then providing mismatched entries in the password fields now correctly displays an error message to the user.

July 2018

Version 2.4
New Features
  • Includes Dashboard support for Crypto Complete.
  • Includes Dashboard support for Automate Schedule.
  • Includes Dashboard support for GoAnywhere MFT.
  • Includes Dashboard support for Powertech Event Manager.
  • In Insite Analytics, the user can now override the default parameter values when downloading the results of a Query to a CSV.
  • iASP support has been added for Powertech Network Security (Coming soon with 7.19 of Powertech Network Security).
  • Includes Access Authenticator 1.3.1. See Access Authenticator.
  • Includes Insite Analytics 1.1.1. See Insite Analytics.
  • A problem preventing the ability to sync a mobile device when the YubiKey device type is disabled has been resolved.

  • An issue preventing the ability to delete Access Authenticator users after a YubiKey or mobile device has been added has been resolved.

  • Fixed a couple label text issues when viewing shared dashboards.

  • Fixed a premature reload issue with concurrent editing of dashboards.

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when moving dashboards with the same name between folders.

  • Fixed an issue with the full screen button being present in widget edit mode in certain connection deletion/addition scenarios.

  • Fixed an issue with the side form display during concurrent editing of dashboards.

  • Fixed in issue with the PSH 'Reset Attempts by user' widget not displaying correctly on a shared dashboard.

  • Shared dashboards within folders were not being successfully deleted when deleting the folder in which they existed, but this has now been fixed.

  • Widget type 'Max/Min Chart' has been renamed 'Area Chart'.

June 2018

Version 2.3
  • Users can now edit dashboards they do not own if they have been added to the dashboard's edit rights list.
  • When a user attempts to edit a dashboard that is currently being edited by another user, they will now see a message stating the user name of that user. If a user attempts to edit a dashboard that has been recently edited and saved by another user and those changes are not reflected in the view of the current user, they will now see a popup that states 'The user (inserted user_name) has modified the dashboard. It will be reloaded to reflect the changes.'
  • Includes Insite Analytics 1.1. See Insite Analytics.
  • Fixes for Network Security for Insite.
  • Fixes for Password Self-Help for Insite.
  • Fixes for Deployment Manager.
  • Toggling 'Allow Guest Login' to On within Authentication and then providing mismatched entries in the password fields now correctly displays an error message to the user.
  • There was an issue with the link from status widgets with filtered assets group not properly redirecting to a filtered assets page, but this has now been fixed.
  • Delete buttons are now a consistent color throughout the application.
  • The Vityl IT & Business Monitoring home URL has been changed to better represent the product name.
  • There were some display issues with the Full Screen button when error messages were displayed, but this has now been fixed.
  • Security enhancements have been implemented.
  • An Insite Analytics error message was rendering incorrectly on the Alerts screen, but this has now been fixed.
  • There was an issue with clearing completion codes in Robot Schedule, but this has now been fixed.
  • The full screen icon on a widget now only displays on hover over for non-touch devices.
  • There was a caching issue causing the inability to add widgets for Vityl IT & Business Monitoring, but this has now been fixed.

May 2018

Version 2.2
  • 'Weighted Average Value' has been added as an option in the Indicator field within the Key Indicator widget.
  • The chart types (Area, Bar (horizontal), Bar (vertical), and Line) are now selectable buttons within the Widget Type area of the Add/Edit Widget panel.
  • Users can now view individual dashboard widgets in full screen mode.
  • Includes Access Authenticator 1.3. See Access Authenticator.
  • Improvements to performance have been implemented.
  • Fixes for Network Security for Insite.
  • Fixes for Deployment Manager.
  • Column names are now visible within black or blue color-themed charts.
  • GMT time zone is now correctly updated for PSH and PNS widgets.
  • In Powertech Network Security, attempting to view groups for users who have no groups had resulted in a constantly running load icon, but this has now been fixed.
  • In the Powertech Network Security legacy dashboards, there was an issue with the 'no data' message not showing after expanding a widget to full screen, but this has now been fixed.
  • An unnecessary menu button on the command bar that displays after selecting a connection on the Product Connections screen has been removed.
  • Display issues dealing with legacy dashboard widgets in full screen mode have been fixed.
  • On the New Product Connection panel, the correct required field message is now displayed when the Library field is not entered.
  • In-panel scrolling is no longer disabled after you change the connection type within the New Product Connection panel.
  • Within the New Default Profile Panel, the Alias field is now flagged as required in the UI if a save is attempted with none of the fields entered.
  • There was an issue with not being able to chart the Robot Schedule Asset 'Event Monitor History Count by Category', but this has now been fixed.
  • There was an issue with not being able to chart the Robot Schedule Asset 'Job Monitor History Count by Type', but this has now been fixed.
  • There was an issue with the Robot Schedule Asset 'Critical Job History Status Counts by Type' not being viewable in the Asset list, but this has now been fixed.
  • Adding an Automate server address via the Automate Ops Console Quick Start screen now adds the server without error.
  • A UI issue causing some text overlap on the Change Profile panel has been fixed.
  • Editing a 'Vityl IT & Business Monitoring' connection IP address via the configuration link on the Home page now correctly edits the connection.
  • The Authorized To checkboxes within the Edit Role panel now correctly display selections upon reentry.
  • The message shown when attempting to assign a default profile to a role when there are no product connections has been changed to 'No connections found'.
  • The folder name of the downloaded log folder from the Logging page has been changed from 'robotweb_logs' to 'insite_logs'.
  • The 'No System' link under a Product name that has not had a system established yet is now more visually identifiable as a clickable link.
  • An issue concerning presented x and y axis values in Insite Analytics chart widgets has been fixed.
  • The IBM i report viewer now renders as a full page.
  • Drill down is now opened for all widgets of the same type within Password Self Help.
  • An error that occurred when attempting to add the 'Hourly Stats' widget within Powertech Network Security has been fixed.
  • The default system defined in Preferences now displays in the Product system list for Robot Schedule.
  • An issue that occurred after attempting to login with the Webdocs authentication method has been resolved.
  • Sorting issues within the List widget in the Authority Broker and IT & Business Monitoring products have been fixed.
  • A spurious issue affecting the connection to the Insite server at login time has been fixed.
  • An issue with logs taking up too much disk space on Windows servers has been fixed.
  • A verbiage error in a Robot Network connection warning message has been fixed.
  • The Internet Explorer caps lock message has been suppressed on password fields to avoid the scenario where the caps lock message overlays other messaging.
  • The PSH Legacy Dashboard widgets 'Reset Attempts' and 'Reset Attempts by User' are now displaying correctly.

April 2018

Version 2.1
New Features
  • The Insite installer has been enhanced to provide better usability when selecting and deselecting installed components.

March 2018

Version 2.0
New Features
  • Includes Dashboard support for Authority Broker. See Insite Dashboards in the Authority Broker Administrator's Guide.
  • Includes Dashboard support for Alignia Monitoring Room. See Dashboards in the Alignia Monitoring Room User Guide.
  • Advanced Dashboards have been implemented:
    • Widgets are now created via Data Sources and Assets which allow greater flexibility for you to view your data as you desire.
    • Widget Advanced Settings allow you to style and display your widget the way that best suits your business needs.
    • You still have the ability to view your Legacy Dashboards.
    • It is now easier to navigate between folders.


  • The forms within Insite have been redesigned to be more visual pleasing and to enable you to accomplish your tasks faster.
  • The Authentication port number no longer reverts back to its default after a change in Settings.
  • Help button functionality has been added to the add/edit widget screen.
  • Fix for Robot Schedule for Insite.

December 2017

Version 1.17
  • Includes support for Access Authenticator 1.2. See Access Authenticator.
  • Attempting to install Insite on an AIX server now gives the user an appropriate message.
  • Fix for Network Security for Insite.
  • Security improvements have been implemented.

October 2017

Version 1.16

September 2017

Version 1.15
  • Includes support for Network Security 7.15 with new Socket Exit Point Rules. See Network Security.

August 2017

Version 1.14.1
  • LDAP authentication issues have been addressed.
  • Access Authenticator documentation has been improved.

July 2017

Version 1.14

June 2017

Version 1.13
  • NEW! You can now create users, roles, default profiles, and security groups in Insite
    • Users can be added (either manually or automatically) and given permissions to various areas of Insite and Insite products
    • Roles are collections of authorities that control what parts of Insite a user has access to
    • Default Profiles are added to roles and give users permission to products and systems/servers they may otherwise not be able to access (an IBM i authenticated user that needs access to an Automate Enterprise server, for example)
    • Security Groups organize users and minimize the number of roles you need to assign a user directly. You can add users to a security group manually or have them automatically added through LDAP authentication
  • The Navigation Pane has been redesigned for easier access to the administrator and user settings, as well as to the product selection menu
  • LDAP authentication has been enhanced to pre-assign users to security groups based on certain identifiers (like whatever is expressed in the distinguished name you add to the LDAP Group field when creating a security group)
  • The ability to hide products from the Navigation Pane (found in Preferences) has been removed
  • “Notifications” has been renamed to “Alerts” in the Navigation Pane. We’ve also consolidated the alerts into a single call
  • Webdocs for IBM i has been added to the Insite framework. See Webdocs for IBM i for Insite.
WARNING: Because of the enhancements we've made to Insite, including the addition of role-based security, you MUST log on as admin after upgrading the product and create an updated user with permissions. If you don't, the credentials you currently use for Insite will not have access to crucial product areas and settings.
Version 1.12.1
  • Corrected an issue that prevents users from authenticating Insite with a system that doesn't have RBTSYSLIB installed.

April 2017

Version 1.12

We updated Deployment Manger for Insite. See the April 2017 release notes page for details.

March 2017

Version 1.11
Opt-in Profiles

You can now use opt-in profiles for almost all supported products in Insite (this feature does not currently integrate with Robot Network for HelpSystems Insite). Opt-in profiles allow you to create and assign a profile to a product connection without setting up an assigned profile beforehand.

December 2016

Version 1.10
  • We upgraded to a 64-bit version of Insite for Windows.

  • We upgraded TomCat to version 8.5.5.

  • The number of connections made to the IBM i during startup has been reduced.

  • Product connections are checked upon login to prevent users from being locked out of their IBM i accounts.

  • Connections in the pool can now have passwords over 10 characters long.

  • Updates to Powertech Products for Insite:
    • We reduced the minimum number of connections Powertech products in Insite can make to the IBM i.

    • The search dialog only shows the "no record found" message when there are no records.

    • A failed login check has been added to prevent disabled profiles during startup.

October 2016

Version 1.9
  • The HelpSystems Deployment Manager is now available! This new offering allows you to view information about Robot and Powertech products that are currently installed, available for install, or available for an update on your IBM i systems.

    You can also install, update, or stage products directly from the HelpSystems Deployment Manager, no external installers or files necessary. Multiple installations can be run at a time on different systems.

    View the HelpSystems Deployment Manager Online Help in Insite for more information.

August 2016

Version 1.7
  • The preferences specific to Robot Network and Robot Schedule have been moved so they’re now accessed under those product menus.

  • A general preference was added that allows you to specify which products you want visible in the left-hand navigation menu. To set this, go to the Products section under Server Settings > User Settings > Preferences.

  • Authentication (Server Settings > Admin Settings > Authentication) has been enhanced so that you can set LDAP authentication to use an SSL connection.

  • The loading of dashboards widgets that display lists has been improved.


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