Titus Data Detection Engine


April 2023

Version 2023.04

April 21, 2023

New Features
  • Added Data Detection Engine on-premises Custom Condition for TCS Windows in Policy Manager. This new Custom Condition functions the same as the Dynamic Property (Titus.DataDetectionOnPrem.Extensibility.DDConnectorOnPrem) in the Administration Console. An on-premises Data Detection Engine Server is required.

January 2023

Version 2023.01

January 27, 2023

No updates for this release.

October 2022

Version 2022.10

October 12, 2022

  • Removed Analytic Dashboard from Titus Console.

July 2022

Version 2022.07

July 15, 2022

No updates for this release.

May 2022

Version 2022.05

May 27, 2022

New Features
  • Changed name of "GDPR" Catalogue to the "Privacy" Catalogue.

  • Changed CatalogueID to "privacy." Enter privacy for the CatalogueID value when creating a Data Detection Engine Custom Condition.

    • Note: For this release, existing Configurations that use the GDPR CatalogueID of "catalogue_id_gdpr" will be routed to the Privacy Catalogue.

  • The Privacy Catalogue can detect additional data types compared to the previous GDPR Catalogue. New data types include:

    • AddressCount: detects the number of addresses.

    • HealthCount: detects health information such as patient names, diagnosis, medications, and World Health Organization ICD-10 codes.

    • IpCount and Ipv6Count: two new data types to detect IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

January 2022

Version 2022.01

January 21, 2022

No updates for this release.

October 2021

Version 2021.10

October 29, 2021

No updates for this release.

July 2021

Version 2021.07

July 23, 2021

  • The Personal Data Detection (PDD) task and resources are removed from the GDPR catalog.

  • Data Detection Engine leverages the new flexible type "Results" property that can contain a sub property of any data type from any data category in a catalog. This facilitates deeper configurability.

  • GDPR Catalog has capability to detect phone numbers from a specific list of countries.

  • When the content is detected as "PressRelease" category, the sensitivity score needs to be attenuated. The positive value weight assigned to the PressRelease category in the GDPR catalog resulted in no attenuation of the Sensitivity score. This issue is fixed now with a negative weight assigned to the PressRelease category.

  • The Data Detection Engine did not report the detected sensitive data if the Category cannot be detected. This issue is fixed now.

December 2020

Version 2020.12

December 12, 2020

  • Smart Regex query enhancements for improved scan of proximity and context.

October 2020

Version 2020.10

October 2020

  • There was an issue where Catalogue_id_GDPR is too sensitive to names in content. This issue is fixed now.

  • There was an issue of SSN Smart Regex queries detecting same 9 digit solid number twice in some scenarios. This issue is fixed now.

  • The issue where orchestration is unable to evaluate a correct score when PDD and LANG tasks are run in parallel is fixed now.

August 2020

Version 2020.08

August 2020

  • Data Detection Engine encompasses multilingual support to identify content in English and French languages.

  • Smart Regex queries for GDPR catalogue was not detecting American SSN (3-2-4) in content. This issue is fixed now.

  • PII Tools 3.6.2 was not detecting Canadian SIN (3-3-3) in content. This issue is fixed now.

July 2020

Version 2020.07

July 2020

  • An update is added to allow Data Detection Engine to exclude data types based on specific input patterns according to specific customer requirements.

May 2020

Version 2020.05

May 2020

  • Initial release for Titus Data Classification cloud solution.

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