Active View: Assets

Fortra VM Active View gives you a comprehensive, aggregate health assessment of your environment. It helps to identify your vulnerabilities and optimize remediation resources.

Fortra Vulnerability Management

The Active View System Health Assets page is the central location for managing assets in your environment. It is used throughout Fortra VM to show asset scan results and is typically filtered based on the asset details you select.

Frontline VM Active View System Health Assets page

Assets Page Components
Ref. Description

Opens the Build Report dialog.
See related: Create a Report


Options to search your assets.
See related: Find Information in Fortra VM

3 Sorts the list.

Actions you can take with selected assets:

  • Add comment
  • Add label
  • Rescan as selected: Includes options to Rescan now (rerun the asset’s existing scan) and Rescan as … (create a new scan).
  • More options: Includes options to Hide assets, Merge assets, Set OS, and Set asset type.
TIP: Right-click an asset in the asset list to see these options.

Asset list (each entry includes its Security GPA rating, asset name [select to view the asset’s page], IP address, status, OS type, and system type).

TIP: Hover over the graph to see, for example, how many medium vulnerabilities an asset has.

Asset Merge Form

A message will display when attempting to merge an internal asset with an external asset to indicate assets in different locations will not be merged. Assets scanned by different methods (IP scanning vs. Hostname scanning) will display a warning message to indicate they will not merge. Fortra VM will indicate a merge was attempted instead of stating that it was successful.