Create and Run Scans

When you first start using Fortra VM, it typically runs a host discovery scan primarily to identify the resources on your network and create an initial baseline in Active View. This scan uses the default Host Discovery scan policy, which only checks to identify if an active host is present and determines its fingerprint (e.g., hostname, operating system). It does not, however, check for vulnerabilities.

Once the initial Fortra VM scan is complete, you can create your own scans.

NOTE: Before running a scan, configure the type of scan information you receive on the Scan Results Settings page by selecting System > Scan Result Settings on the navigation menu. See related: Scan Configuration

A web application scan should generally be performed on a staging environment as a part of testing. Web application scans submit forms with test data which may result in data loss or corruption. Do not scan a website without proper authorization. Ensure all relevant administrators are notified prior to performing a scan. A scan may cause the web application to crash and require a restart.