Intermapper Flows™ Overview

Intermapper has always made it easy to see heavy traffic at a glance. Its charts show when traffic peaks, but not what it is used for.

Intermapper Flows™ is a feature of Intermapper that allows you to obtain deeper insight into the traffic on your network. It is a Flows analyzer that works with NetFlow, sFlow, JFlow, and cFlow and can display the following:

  • Top talkers and listeners
  • Top protocols in use
  • Top conversations and sessions
  • Detailed session information to identify particular machines

How Intermapper Flows Works With Intermapper

Intermapper Flows collects and stores Flows data from any device that supports its collection (Flows Exporter). For information on supported devices, see Supported Exporters. You can select the available exporters from which you want to collect data. For more information, see Flows Settings - Exporters Tab.