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Intermapper Server and Network Monitoring

Intermapper is a network monitoring and alerting program. It continually tests routers, servers, hubs, and other computer devices that are attached to your network. If Intermapper detects a failure, it sends notifications to one or more individuals using sounds, email, pagers, SMS text, or by running a program to correct the problem.

Use this manual to learn about how to get Intermapper up and running quickly and to obtain detailed information about specific features of the program.

Intermapper includes the following components that work together to help you understand what is happening on your network:

Component Description For more information, see

The core functionality of the product that gathers data about your network and provides polling, alerting, and notifications about its operation.

Using Intermapper
Intermapper Flows Uses NetFlow, sFlow, and J-Flow data to provide detailed information about the kinds of data flowing through the network. Intermapper Flows™ Overview
Intermapper Data Center Additional components that enhance Intermapper. Includes access to external authentication servers and a PostgreSQL database. Data Collecting and Reporting
Intermapper Remote Access A GUI application that allows you to view and configure your Intermapper system from any location. Using Intermapper Remote Access