Active View

Fortra Vulnerability Management


Fortra VM™ Active View gives you a comprehensive, aggregate health assessment of your environment. It helps you identify your vulnerabilities and optimize remediation resources.

The Active View System Health Overview page gives you a comprehensive look at your systems’ health.

Overview Page Components

Ref. Description
1 Shows your progress in making your environment more secure.
See related: Understand the Dashboard
2 Shows how severe the vulnerabilities in your environment are.
See related: Understand the Dashboard

Gives you a general overview of your network’s health, including your Security GPA.

See related: Security GPA

4 Your top-five most vulnerable assets.
See related: Understand the Dashboard
5 Displays the Fortra VM- and user-generated labels applied throughout your environment.
You can access the Label Manager by selecting the pen icon.

Shows the vulnerabilities that most need your attention. By default Informational level vulnerabilities will not import into Active View upon reconciliation at scan completion. All informational level vulnerabilities will be deleted at install. However, informational level vulnerabilities will be search-able and accessible from assessment results.

Asset History will link directly to the specific asset in the assessment selected, rather than just the assessment.
See related: Understand the Dashboard

NOTE: There is a toggle to turn ON/ OFF informational level vulnerability import.
When the toggle is ON, informational Vulnerabilities will be imported into the Active View from that point on, it is not retroactive.
When turned OFF, all informational Vulnerabilities will be wiped, with no recovery, from Active View.

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