Connections in JAMS

JAMS Connections are objects stored inside the Connection Store. You can use the Connection Store to create Database Connections, File Transfer Connections, Integration Connections, and Mailbox Connections. These Connections can be reused in multiple Jobs, making it easier to maintain the connection information in one place. You can also use Connections with Job Properties, Job Source, or Job Triggers.

Accessing the JAMS Connection Store

You can access the Connection Store by doing one of the following:

  • From the Shortcuts menu, click Connection Store.
  • From the Common Activities pane, click Create a Connection.

Connection Store screen

The Connection Store screen lets you view all existing Connections, create new Connections, and modify existing Connections. Each Connection displays the following:

  • Connection Name – The name of Connection.
  • Description – An optional description of the Connection to provide more information.
  • Connection Type – The type of Connection that was defined, such as SQL, SFTP, or EWS.

You can add additional columns by using the Column Chooser. Right-click a column heading, and select Column Chooser.

Viewing all Connections

  1. Click Connection Store from the Shortcuts menu.
  2. Click a column heading to sort the column.

Adding a Connection

You can add a various Connections in JAMS. See the links below for instructions on each type.

Modifying a Connection

  1. Click Connection Store from the Shortcuts menu.
  2. Right-click a Connection, and select Properties.
  3. Modify the properties for the Connection as needed. The available properties vary based on the type of Connection.
  4. Click Save and Close.

Deleting a Connection

You can delete a Connection if it is no longer used. Before deleting a Connection, ensure all Jobs that currently use it have been updated to remove references to it. To view where it is referenced, double-click the Connection and select the References tab.

  1. Click Connection Store from the Shortcuts menu.
  2. Right-click a Connection, and select Delete.

Inheriting a Connection from an Execution Method to a Job

A Connection can also be defined on the Execution Method level to populate the Connection property of any Job that would use that Execution Method. It is recommended that you create a custom Execution Method if you are going to modify the Connection property.

Adding a Connection Property to a Custom Execution Method

  1. Click Execution Methods from the Shortcuts menu.
  2. Click +.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the custom Execution Method.
  4. In the Base Method field, select an Execution Method to use as a template.
  5. Click Ok.
  6. Click the Job Properties tab.
  7. Click the Add icon.
  8. Select a Connection property, such as SQL Connection, Banner Connection, Oracle Connection, File Transfer Connection, or SAP Connection.
  9. Click Ok.
  10. Click Save and Close.
  11. Create a Job based on this new Execution Method.

Overriding the Connection Property from an Execution Method

The Connection property can also be added or overridden at the Folder or Job levels. Any property set at the Folder level will override the property on the Execution Method level and will inherit to every Job Definition within the Folder. Jobs that do not use this property will ignore it.

The property can be set or overridden on any individual Job within JAMS from the Job Properties tab.