Network Security for Insite

  • The currently shipping version of HelpSystems Insite is 3.08.
  • There are no updates for historical releases unless specifically listed.

June 2020

Version 1.11.11

No updates for this release.

January 2019

Version 1.11.6
  • Fixed an issue with Server Function Rules not being saved.
  • Fixed an issue with iASP group Lookup Object list only showing *SYSBAS and *ALL.
  • Fixed an issue with time display on hourly dashboards.

October 2018

Version 1.11.4
  • There was an issue with not being able to go back to *ALL after a specific server had been selected on a Network Security widget, but this has now been fixed.

June 2018

Version 1.11.2
  • Within the Network Security product configuration, the server status of rules enforced was not being properly reflected, but this has now been fixed.

May 2018

Version 1.11.1
  • An issue had occurred when attempting a RETRY on a Rule copy in an ALERT, but this has now been fixed.
  • An error had appeared in certain scenarios when using widgets with Hourly Stats and Transaction Counts, but this has now been fixed.

April 2018

Version 1.11
  • A header text issue when viewing audit reports in Insite SPOOLfiles node has been fixed.

March 2018

Version 1.10
  • Dashboards and widgets have been enhanced to allow for greater flexibility in the creation and layout of the visual representation of your business data.
  • The forms within Insite have been redesigned to be more visual pleasing and to enable you to accomplish your tasks faster.

December 2017

Version 1.9
  • An issue related to creating and saving Network Security reports has been addressed.

September 2017

Version 1.7

July 2017

Version 1.6

June 2017

Version 1.5

April 2017

Version 1.2

March 2017

Version 1.1

December 2016

Version 1.0
  • Powertech Network Security has been introduced to HeIpSystems Insite, and all other enhancements and fixes included with Network Security version 7.04.
  • Consolidated Rules. Easily manage access control rules across your network. Rules for all of Network Security’s managed systems are consolidated into the same rules list.
  • Searching, Sorting, and Filtering Improvements. Identify rules for specific servers, users, or locations using Insite’s powerful searching, sorting, and filtering options. For more details, see Insite Web Browser Help.
  • Easy access to other Help Systems products. Run Network Security 7 in the same browser window as Robot Network and Robot Schedule.
  • Dashboard Widgets. Include Network Security’s Hourly Stats and Transaction Counts widgets in your dashboard configuration. Your dashboard configuration can include data from multiple products in the same browser window. For more details, see Network Security Dashboard Widget Descriptions.
  • Guest Logins. Use Guest logins to grant access to dashboards exclusively. This allows you to share server transaction counts with users who don’t require access to other Network Security features.
  • Shared Dashboards. Share your custom dashboard with other Network Security users. For more details, see Dashboards Overview.
  • Web Support for Reports. Define, submit, and view Network Security reports all from the Insite browser interface. For more details, see Working with Reports in Insite.


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