Fortra VM Quick Start

Follow these steps to start using Fortra VM:

  1. Do You Have an Account?
  2. If you do not have a Fortra VM account, contact Technical Support.

  3. Configure Scanner Profile
  4. NOTE: If you are only scanning internal IP addresses, skip to the next step.

    To scan external IP addresses, enter those addresses when configuring the external scanner profile.
    See related: Scanners

    NOTE: External IPs must be verified via reverse lookup by Technical Support.
  5. Install Your RNA
  6. Make sure your RNA is properly installed and activated. Contact Technical Support if you have questions or need assistance.

    See related: Install RNA™ Virtual Scanner Appliance

    See related: Install RNA™ Hardware Scanner Appliance

  7. Schedule a Scan
  8. On the Fortra VM site header, select New > Scan to schedule your first scan.
    See related: Create and Run Scans

    If you encounter errors, such as when you include Ad Hoc IP Ports, contact Technical Support.

    Fortra VM Create New Scan Page

  9. Check the Scan Results
  10. Once your scan completes, select Scan > Scan Activity and choose your scan to see its detailed results.

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    Fortra VM Scan Activity Page
    Frontline VM Scan Activity page

    Fortra VM Individual Scan Results page

  11. Create a Report
  12. On the scan results page, select Build Report.

    See related: Create a Report

    Fortra VM Build Report Dialog

  13. Check Progress in Active View

To see your environment’s security posture and learn how to improve it:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Active View.
  2. Choose one of the following tabs: Details Overview, Assets or Vulnerabilities.

Active View aggregates data from all your scans and also includes your Security GPA®.

See related: Security GPA

To further understand what you see in Active View, refer to the Active View System Health topics.

Fortra VM Active View Overview Page