What's New in the API?

Each new version of the API offers improved programmatic control over EFT COM API. If you are upgrading EFT COM API, be sure to read the descriptions at the links below and update your scripts accordingly. If necessary, Globalscape Professional Services can assist you with writing scripts for your unique environment.

Included below are details of what is new in this version as well as what has changed in the API in previous versions.

NOTE: This reference covers all versions of EFT. Please take note of the EFT versions that a COM API member applies to, and use this topic to determine whether you need to update your scripts accordingly. For example, in v8.0.0.38, several Server interface methods and properties were deprecated, as shown below.

Changes in v8.2

New Features

Changes in v8.1.0.9 - 8.1.0.x

New Features



ICIServer methods:

  • BeginHAUpgrade

  • EndHAUpgrade

  • GetHAUpgradeState

  • SSLCertSendEmailUponExpiration

  • SSLCertSendEmailPriorExpiration

  • SSLCertDaysPriorExpiration

  • SSLCertEmailRecipients

  • SSLCertSendEmailCopyToAssociatedUser

ICISites properties and methods:

  • CreateSite - creates a new site, new version

  • GetNewSite - retrieves interface to create a site

ICISite properties and methods:

  • AdvancedWorkflowFolders

  • GetFolderUploadQuotaPolicy

  • GetSiteRoot - retrieves Site root

  • SetFolderUploadQuotaPolicy

  • SetSiteRoot - Changes Site Root and returns TRUE if the site has to be restarted

  • SSLCertSendEmailUponExpiration

  • SSLCertSendEmailPriorExpiration

  • SSLCertDaysPriorExpiration

  • SSLCertEmailRecipients

  • SSLCertSendEmailCopyToAssociatedUser

ICISiteBackupInfo interface properties:

  • GetSiteRoot - Retrieves Site root

  • SetSiteRoot - Sets Site Root

ICIAWSS3VirtualFolderTarget property:

  • CloudProviderType

ICIAzureVirtualFolderTarget property:

  • CloudProviderType


Changes in v8.0.7

New Features

Added ServerModule enums to activate modules:

  • Const EnterpriseActionsModule (v8.0.7 and later)
  • Const FTPModule (v8.0.7 and later)
  • Const RemoteAgentModule (v8.0.7 and later)
  • Const SecureFormsModule (v8.0.7 and later)

Changes in v8.0.6

New Features

  • Added ICIServer interface CloseServerService method
  • Added ICISite interface PGP properties:
    • PGPSendEmailExpirationCopyToAssociatedUser

    • PGPSendEmailPriorExpiration

    • PGPSendEmailUponExpiration

    • PGPEmailExpirationRecipientsList

    • PGPTimePriorExpirationInDays

  • Added ICIPGPKeyInfo interface property: UsageFlags

  • Added ICIAbortUserOperationActionParams interface

  • Added ICIEncryptedFolder properties:

    • EncryptionKey

    • KeyAlias

  • Added Event Type enums:

    • OnAS2Test,

    • OnAS2AsyncResend,

    • OnWorkspaceExpired,

    • OnSecureMessageComposed = 0xa001,

    • OnSecureMessageSent,

    • OnSecureMessageNotSent,

    • OnSecureMessageViewed,

    • OnSecureMessageAttachmentBeforeDownload,

    • OnSecureMessageAttachmentAfterDownload

  • Added EventActionType enum:

  • Enhancements:
  • Changes in v8.0.5, April 30, 2021

    Changes in v8.0.4

    Changes in v8.0.2.10

    Changes in v8.0.1

    Added enums, properties, and methods to support the Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Key Vault, and Secrets module functionality in EFT. (For details of the Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Key Vault, and Secrets module functionality, please refer to the EFT administration help contents.)


    • SecretsModuleType

    • CloudProviderType_AzureDataLakeStorageGen2

    Properties in ICISiteInterface:

    • OverrideVFSCredentialsEnable

    • OverrideVFSCredentialsLogin

    • OverrideVFSCredentialsPassword

    • SecretsModuleClientID

    • SecretsModuleClientSecret

    • SecretsModuleType

    • SecretsModuleURL

    Methods in ICICloudStorageMonitorEventRuleParams:

    • GetAzureDLSgen2GeneralParams

    • SetAzureDLSgen2GeneralParams

    Changes in v8.0.0.38

    Changes in v7.4.13


    New Interfaces:

    New Properties and Methods:

    Changes in v7.4.11

    Changes in v7.4.9

    Changes in v7.4.7

  • Added to Site interface:

  • Added Enum:

  • Changes in v7.4.5

    Changes in v7.4.2

  • In the Client Settings interface, added:

  • In the enum reference:

  • In the ICIComplexPasswordSettings

  • Changes in v7.3.9

    Changes in v7.3.8

    • Added a COM API method to retrieve the GUID using the site name

    Changes in v7.3.7

    Changes in v7.3.6

    In the ICIServer interface:

    In the ICISite interface:

    • Added SendPortalPath property to the Workspaces Settings properties

    Changes in v7.3.3

    • Added new enums for WebSSO and Workspaces

    • Added new Server properties for WebSSO and Workspaces

    • Added new Site properties and methods for WebSSO and Workspaces

    • Added new Client methods for Workspaces.

    Changes in v7.3.2

    • New Properties for ICIServer interface for WTC licensing change from concurrent licenses to client access licenses

    • ICIServerNodeInfo ModuleLicenseCount() was renamed to TotalModuleLicenseCount() to reflect the license change

    Changes in v7.3

    Changes in v7.2.1

    Changes in v7.2

    The following operations were added to accommodate new features in EFT v7.2:

    Changes in v7.1.1

    Changes in v7.1

    Many objects were added for the new Workspaces feature:

    • Added to the EventType enum

      • OnWorkspaceCreated = 0x7001,

      • OnWorkspaceDeleted,

      • BeforeWorkspaceDeleted,

      • OnWorkspaceUserInvited,

      • OnWorkspaceUserJoins,

      • OnWorkspaceUserRemoved

    • Added to the EventProperty enum

      • // Workspace properties

      • WSVirtualPath = 7000

      • WSPhysicalPath

      • WSName

      • WSParticipants

      • WSOwner

      • WSUserName

      • WSUserPermissions

      • WSUserEmail

      • WSUserAccountExists

      • WSUserRemovalReason (removed in v7.1.1)

    • Added to ICISite - Single-Site Interface:

    • Properties:

      • EnableWorkspaces

      • EnableWorkspacesExternalUsers

      • Methods:

        • GetWorkspaceGUID

        • SetWorkspace

        • RemoveWorkspace

    • Added the ICIWorkspaces interface:

    • Added the ICIWorkspacesPermissions interface

    • Added the UseSearchAttributes property to the ICILDAPAuthManagerSettings interface.

    Changes in v7.0.3

    • ICIServer HAConfigurationDefaultNodeList allows you to create a default node list to execute Event Rules.

    • ICIHighAvalailabilityParams DefaultNodeList is the list of 1 or more nodes who are designated to execute Event Rules. You can still specify nodes within the Event Rule.

    The following properties, methods, enums, and interfaces were added to support the antivirus/DLP (ICAP) functionality in Event Rules:

    Changes in v7

    The following properties, methods, and enumerations have been added/modified:

    Numerous interfaces, properties, methods, and enums specific to active-active/high availability clustering were added: